General Meeting

General meeting principles

Pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual General Meeting is Azelio’s supreme decision-making body and can resolve on any issue in the company that does not explicitly fall under the exclusive competence of another corporate body. At the Annual General Meeting, which shall be held within six months of the end of the financial year, the shareholders exercise their voting rights on matters such as determination of results and balance sheet, disposition of the company’s profit or loss, resolution on discharge of the Board members and the CEO, and remuneration to the board and the auditor.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, notices to attend the Annual General Meeting and extraordinary general meetings are published by placing an advertisement in Post- och Inrikes Tidningar (the Swedish Official Gazette) and by making the notice available on Azelio’s website. An announcement that notice has been given is to be published in Svenska Dagbladet. In addition to the Annual General Meeting, an Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened.

In accordance with Azelio’s Articles of Association, notice of the Annual General Meeting and notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting at which the matter of an amendment to the Articles of Association is to be addressed are to be issued not earlier than six weeks and not later than four weeks prior to the meeting.

Notices of other Extraordinary General Meetings shall be issued not earlier than six weeks and not later than two weeks prior to the meeting.

Right to attend the Annual General Meeting:

All shareholders who are directly registered in the share register kept by Euroclear five weekdays before the Annual General Meeting, and who have notified the company of their intention to participate in the Annual General Meeting no later than the date specified in the notice convening the Annual General Meeting, vote for the number of shares. Shareholders can participate in the Annual General Meeting in person or through a proxy, and can also be accompanied by a maximum of two assistants.

Initiative for the Annual General Meeting:

Shareholders who wish to have a matter considered at the Annual General Meeting must send a written request to this effect to the Board. The request must normally have been received by the Board seven weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

General meeting archive

Årsstämma 2023 / Annual General Meeting 2023

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