Custom-fit reliable energy

Energy storage that provides clean power around-the-clock is crucial for a variety of industries. Our modular storage is an ideal solution for installations from 0.1 MW up to 20 MW – meeting the demands of a large spectrum of end-users and sectors.

Communities & Societies

As a society we’re powered by an almost continuous access to electricity. Our versatile solution transforms residential communities with no access to electricity and isolated or unreliable grids. The TES.POD allows us to enrich lives across all societies with reliable, affordable and accessible energy.

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Commercial Facilities

Clean and stable power and heat on demand is key for industrial and commercial users. Additionally, these active users require both an economically viable and renewable baseload source. Our solution ticks every box – stable, clean, affordable, reliable and available on demand.

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Sustainable food and industrial crop production relies heavily on inexpensive energy from renewable sources. With sustainable food consumption increasing across the world, our TES.POD provides the global energy solution for agriculture of today and tomorrow.

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We live in a world where access to clean and reliable water is a vital need. With the TES.POD we’ve taken clean water one step further. Our solution helps significantly improve wastewater treatment and desalination through stable and clean energy supply.

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Production & Extraction Industries

High energy demands from production and extraction industries require an extremely reliable source that can meet requirements in extreme temperatures and remote locations. Our TES.POD effectively provides these industries with powerful and durable energy around-the-clock.

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Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost. is using green hosting

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