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Renewing your energy supply

Efficient and reliable energy storage is crucial for households, communities, businesses, and governments. With installation sizes of 0.1 MW to 20 MW, we supply renewable energy storage solutions to meet the unique demands of our end-users in a variety of sectors.


Increased energy consumption costs and growing environmental concerns are putting pressure on the mining industry. The TES.POD is perfectly suited to the high energy demands from a sector known for its remote and extreme environments.

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Agriculture is the world’s largest industry, employing over a billion people and generating food worth $1.3 trillion every year. Reliable and inexpensive energy from renewable sources is crucial for sustainable food and industrial crop production in the future.

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Greenhouse at night


The TES.POD provides commercial and industrial users in off-grid or unstable grid locations with an economically viable renewable baseload source. Our solution is suited to a number of key sectors demanding a regular supply of both power and heat.


Our everyday activities require almost continuous access to electricity. The TES.POD's versatility makes it an ideal solution for residential communities and public services with no access to electricity or with access only to isolated or unreliable grids.

City landscape


Widely distributed and uninterrupted communication networks are the cornerstone of our interconnected world. Ensuring networks have access to stable sources of electricity - in even the most remote locations - is essential to avoid disruptive downtime.


With eco-tourism growing into a multi-billion dollar industry, the sector has transformed into a driver of environmental change. Opportunities for energy storage can be seen in both on- and off-grid resorts willing to take advantage of their natural resources.

Remote island


Access to a clean and reliable water supply is vital for well-functioning societies. Our solution ensures that whatever your water needs - from wastewater treatment to desalination - your projects benefit from affordable round-the-clock renewable energy.


The oil and gas industry is a trillion dollar sector in a state of transition. With many of the sector's key players looking to incorporate renewable energy throughout their entire production process, the TES.POD provides a flexible yet durable solution.

Our markets

Azelio operates in a wide variety of markets throughout the world. Explore the map below to learn more about some of our ongoing and upcoming projects.

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