Building a renewable future

Introducing cutting-edge thermal energy storage technology. The TES.POD® produces clean energy and usable heat when and where you need it. Welcome to the future of renewable energy.

Thermal Energy Storage. Power On Demand.

Our system combines leading engineering advancements in thermal energy storage, creating a viable solution for the energy demands of our society. With a storage media of recycled aluminum, a TES.POD system has a lifespan of 30 years, but recycled aluminum storage media can be re-used again and again, without any degradation in capacity over time – making for a truly reliable and sustainable solution.

Provides electricity for 13 hours at continuous operating power, dispatchable on demand for full daily cycles.

30-year lifetime with no replacements and zero down-time during servicing.

Produces clean, reliable and affordable power.

Renewable made reliable

The TES.POD provides an innovative solution to long-duration energy storage. Here’s how it works. An aluminum alloy is heated by electricity from sources such as solar PV, to phase change at 600°C (1110°F). Heat is then transferred to a Stirling engine through a heat transfer fluid. The Stirling engine runs a generator for electricity and heat between 55-65°C (130-150°F) to be supplied on demand, at hours when the sun is not shining or when direct production from solar PV is insufficient – enabling renewable power for all hours of the day.

Our Solution

With the use of our solution, overproduction from PV can be stored as thermal energy. The TES.POD then gives access to low-cost renewable electricity any time of day. Load shifting allows for system optimization and enhanced operation for existing and planned PV installations.

Clean heat & electricity 24/7

• 13 kW nominal electrical output

• 23 kW nominal thermal output

• 165 kWh storage capacity for electrical output

• Supply of heat at 55-65°C, 130-150°F

• No degradation in storage capacity over time

• Scalable and cost competitive at 0.1 to 20 MW

Power-up your installation

• X 20 Units TES.POD Cluster: 260 kW nominal electrical output with 3.3 MWh storage capacity

• X 80 Units TES.POD Cluster: >1 MW nominal electrical output with 13.2 MWh storage capacity

White paper archive

Read the technical white papers researched and written by our expert team.

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TES.POD as part of a renewable microgrid

What do you need to consider when building a renewable microgrid, and why is long-duration energy storage a vital component?

Find out

TES.POD® delivers for longer

Our TES.POD is designed to supply affordable, renewable electricity and heat at all hours of the day. Li-ion batteries are mostly cost-efficient for short-duration storage of up to four to six hours. With TES.POD, you benefit from long-duration storage that is accessible when you need it most, closing the 24-hour cycle.

Short vs long-duration energy storage

A heart of metal

Storing electricity can be expensive and inefficient, but storing heat has significant benefits. That’s why we convert thermal energy to electricity after the storage, instead of before. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is the clear choice to deliver on demand electricity around-the-clock.

How do we store the thermal energy? A Phase Change Material (PCM) is heated to just under 600°C (1110°F) and liquefied in the container. During discharge, heat is transferred from the PCM through a heat transfer fluid (HTF) to the Stirling engine. A working gas is heated and cooled off by ambient air, and runs the engine.

It’s this PCM that’s the heart of our solution – and it’s made out of metal. Since the greatest energy recovery is obtained in the conversion phase, we use an aluminum alloy for its specific phase changing characteristics. Aluminum doesn’t lose storage capacity over time, doesn’t need to be replenished, and can be recycled over and over – making ours a truly sustainable clean energy solution.

Stirling Engine

A 200 year old invention is the future of renewable energy.

The Stirling engine has been around for a long time, and is unique in its capacity to provide carbon neutral conversion of thermal energy into a mechanical movement generating electricity.

Our specific Stirling engine stretches back some 25 years, with well over 2,000,000 operating hours accumulated at sites around the world, in over 100 commercial installations. Stirling solutions are easy to install and maintain, lasting longer than conventional engines.

Azelio has developed a reliable and robust design, keeping the need for maintenance to a minimum. We secure quality and keep production costs down by operating our own assembly facility. But it doesn’t stop here. Our R&D team is dedicated to exploring new sealing technologies, eliminating leakage, and using our bespoke simulation software to drive the next generation of power distribution – with the Stirling engine a lasting part of our cutting edge solution.

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Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost. is using green hosting

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