Powering a reliable water supply

Access to a clean and reliable water supply is essential for well-functioning societies. Our solution ensures that whatever your water needs – from wastewater treatment to desalination – your project will benefit from affordable, around-the-clock renewable energy.

Water security

Enabling critical processes

Wastewater treatment, desalination, and purification processes all have something in common – they need reliable power in the form of heat, as well as electricity, to run efficiently.

By harnessing renewable energy and providing a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solution which includes the supply of low-temperature heat between 55-65°C (130-150°F), TES.POD can help deliver increased water security at a time when this is more important than ever.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) for desalination

Read our white paper to find out more about how CHP works, and the benefits it offers the Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

Download the white paper

Boosting water security

TES.POD provides access to renewable energy when you need it most – supplying cost-efficient electricity and heat to stabilize clean water supply, in addition to sustainable food production.

Curious about how energy storage supports our most critical supply chains? Find out below.

Powering food and water security

Renewable desalination in action

Aquafarming often has a need for desalinated seawater, and the operation of controlled and recirculating closed-loop systems to ensure ethical treatment of livestock. Long-duration energy storage supplies stable renewable power, enabling the industry to operate in a sustainable way.

Read our aquafarming case study

Testing new technological frontiers

Azelio inaugurated two commercial TES.PODs at its demonstration project in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, in January 2022. The project is a collaboration between Azelio, Masdar Institute, and Khalifa University.

The TES.POD units are being demonstrated and evaluated in several aspects, including as part of a system where around-the-clock renewable electricity is used to generate atmospheric water. Take a look at this video to find out more.

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Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost.

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