Demonstration projects

TES.POD long-duration thermal storage technology is deployed in active projects around the world.

Installation in Morocco together with Masen

Our installation in Morocco is a demonstration project carried out together with key partner, Masen. The site for the project is one of the world’s largest test areas for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). The main purpose has been to generate input to aid preparation for volume production, as well as to gather data for commercial purposes.

The full-scale installation of Azelio’s thermal energy storage and Stirling engine was inaugurated on March 5th, 2020.

Read about the Morocco inauguration

Demonstration project with Masdar & Khalifa University in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

The project aims to test and demonstrate Azelio’s system for renewable energy projects that use PV and wind energy. The purpose is to evaluate the technology for inclusion in Masdar’s current and future renewable energy project portfolio.

Technology from Azelio was first installed at Khalifa University’s Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) in Masdar City in 2020. Azelio’s Stirling engine system for renewable power production was evaluated, followed by an analysis of the complete system, including the thermal energy storage (TES).

TES.PODs inaugurated in Abu Dhabi

Azelio inaugurated two TES.PODs at the MISP site on January 18th, 2022. The units are undergoing demonstration and evaluation in several aspects, including as part of a system where renewable electricity is used to generate atmospheric water, capturing and condensing moisture into usable water.

Azelio inaugurates two TES.PODs

Test installation in Sweden

Testing of our solution is continually carried out close to Azelio’s Åmål development center, together with other renewable technologies and different grid configurations. The varying test environments accelerate the demonstration and evaluation of the TES.POD for a wide range of uses.

A solution made in sweden

Haneberg Farm project in Sweden

In this flagship project for Azelio’s Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solution, the TES.POD system supplied electricity to run systems, as well as heat for the drying of grain. The project showcases the great potential of reliable and clean power for Swedish agriculture, and beyond. In collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency, the project was initiated in the summer of 2021 and the system was taken into operation in August of 2022.

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