January 19th 2022

Azelio business update – Together with Masdar and Khalifa University, Azelio inaugurates two commercial TES.PODs in Abu Dhabi

As Azelio’s TES.PODs are starting to come into place around the world, collaborations with partners and customers display a wide and varied range of uses for our energy storage with sustainable energy production around the clock. Demonstration projects will also clearly illustrate how Azelio can contribute to solving significant societal challenges,” says Azelio’s CEO Jonas Eklind.

At a ceremony in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, Azelio, Masdar and Khalifa University inaugurated two commercial TES.PODs installed at their joint demonstration project. The demonstration project is referred to as a flagship project for Khalifa University’s Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) which has an important role in the United Arab Emirates’ ambition to become a leader in sustainable societal development and renewable energy.

Technology from Azelio was installed in Masdar City in 2020 for evaluation and demonstration. The project has now been supplemented with two commercial TES.POD units, manufactured in volume design. The project thus enters a new phase where Khalifa University will demonstrate and evaluate these commercial TES.POD units in several aspects. The units will also be demonstrated in a system where renewable electricity is delivered around the clock to a solution for generating atmospheric water, capturing, and condensing moisture into usable water.

The purpose of the project in Abu Dhabi is for Masdar to evaluate Azelio’s energy storage technology for inclusion in its product portfolio for current and future renewable energy projects. Masdar is a leading developer and operator of utility-scale renewable energy projects, community grid projects, and energy services consultancy. The Group is present in over 30 countries and has 10 GW in installed and ongoing projects.

At the same time, TES.PODs are being installed at several other places around the world. In Sweden, installations are underway at two sites, a commercial installation at Industrisupport i Åmål AB and a project at Haneberg farm in Eskilstuna, Sörmland. At Industrisupport i Åmål, our solution will store surplus energy from a PV system on the roof of an industrial property to supply electricity and heat on demand around the clock. In Eskilstuna, we will demonstrate the effects of energy storage to create robust access to energy, for example in disaster situations, and also show the benefits of the heat that the system delivers.

Just before the turn of the year, delivery also began to Wee Bee Ltd in South Africa, where eight units will secure access to electricity and reduce Wee Bee’s carbon footprint emissions by 323 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalents per year.

Work on the conditional order with Engazaat in Egypt is progressing. Our project has been expanded so that we, together with a supplier for desalination, will be able to sell clean water for sustainable agriculture, instead of electricity. In this way, the customer will be able to conduct sustainable agriculture in a desert environment powered by solar energy. We are optimizing the project from a technical perspective and together adapting the business model to the altered conditions. This makes the preparatory work take longer, but the model addresses an important problem area in many places around the globe and can be assumed to be attractive for several future projects. We will update more about this exciting project.



Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost.

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