5 Reasons to become clean energy independent

Many businesses and consumers today are living and working with an unreliable energy supply. Whether threatened by grid power outages, expensive and unpredictable electricity prices, or even natural disasters, it can be a challenge to develop and prosper without continuous and affordable power. Here we look at 5 key reasons why gaining clean energy independence – by accessing a 24-hour renewable energy supply – is such an attractive alternative.

1. Avoid power outages from an unstable grid

For those located in remote or rural areas, or where there is a mismatch in electrical demand and existing capacity, relying on the grid as main power provider can be a risk. Outages or load-shedding can be a regular occurrence, and when these events take place, expensive back-up power sources need to take the strain. In the worst case, industrial processes shut down altogether, incurring huge costs.

A prime example is the mining industry. There has never been a more appropriate time for mining companies to investigate clean energy independence. A renewable energy system can provide a remotely located mine with the power it needs to avoid interruptions which damage output, and in turn restrict profitability and growth.

2. Protect your business from electricity price spikes and save on the cost of diesel

Businesses using expensive diesel generators in combination with the grid have been contending with rising fuel prices. In some areas, the price of electricity itself is also dramatically increasing. The CFO of South African state-owned power utility ESKOM recently confirmed the application for an electricity price increase of 20.5%, set to take effect from 1 April 2022. Critics of this move observe that is represents a 307% electricity price increase during the last 13 years and will present huge challenges.

Switching to an independent renewable system as a primary energy source enables companies to shield themselves from fluctuating grid prices, hedging their electricity prices and avoiding network charges. This means they can focus their strategy and capital on commercial activities instead of energy related issues.

3. Maintain continuous power quality with the latest renewable technology

With so many verified solutions on the market, there are more possibilities than ever to embrace innovative and sustainable energy systems – which are also cost-efficient. Long duration storage technologies harness local natural resources. They enable renewable systems or microgrids to deliver clean energy independence, supplying heat and electricity around the clock and in line with the demands of an application.

4. Reduce CO2 emissions and reach your environmental goals

The effects of climate change are there for all to see. Breaking our dependence on fossil-fuels and petroleum products is central to decarbonising society, and companies and authorities are committing to more ambitious environmental targets.

Farming is an extensive industry with comprehensive energy related challenges. In addition to fossil-driven and expensive electricity, coal combustion is still used for heating processes in countries including Australia and South Africa. Renewable systems have great potential as a replacement to secure a sustainable energy supply with significantly reduced carbon emissions.

5. Manage the risk of a natural disaster affecting your supply

Disasters such as wildfires, bushfires or floods can have a severe impact on grid resilience. In some areas of North America, wildfires can cause damage leading to connection delays and power interruptions that can have a devastating effect on crops. According to Noaa, the US suffered as many as 20 separate weather and climate disasters in 2021, each with losses exceeding $1 billion. During the year, such events caused enormous damage, loss of life, and drought which affected 43-56% of the country.

The impact of climate events on power supply can be mitigated. By shifting to specially designed renewable microgrids, farmers can gain energy independence by attaining a localised supply with increased security.

What are we doing at Azelio?

Azelio’s cutting-edge thermal energy storage system, TES.POD®, enables clean power to be delivered when it’s needed, instead of when it becomes available because the sun shines or the wind blows.

The system charges from renewable sources such as solar PV, and the stored energy is dispatched on demand to a Stirling engine for supply of clean electricity and usable heat. 

Are you ready to achieve clean energy independence?

Discover your project cost savings and emissions reductions with our value calculator.

Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost.

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