Why racing on your own is not enough to solve the climate crisis

With the climate crisis upon us, the need for action is more acute than ever. Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO and founder of We Don’t Have Time, the social media for climate solutions, tells us more about the organization’s aims, and how driving connection and collaboration is essential to achieving positive change in time.

The clock is ticking, but carbon emissions are still on the rise. The planet is rapidly warming, and we are now coming dangerously close to five irreversible planetary tipping points, which may in turn trigger other ones, leading to cascading effects. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the solutions. We have the money. We know what we need to do to fix this. 

There are so many great things happening out there. New innovations taking form, and front-running companies showing that going sustainable can also be a very good business case. 

But that won’t get us where we need to go in time.
Why? Because if only these companies are winning – we will all lose.

In the most important contest of our time, the only way we can win is if everybody wins.

To make this happen we need to create a movement that is so big and powerful that it tips the balance in our favor. We need to reach the critical mass needed to set in motion an exponential, unstoppable snowball that will enable us to leave the fossil-driven economy in time, and build a better future for all.

This is why We Don’t Have Time has built the world’s largest social media for climate solutions. We want to be a catalyst for change and help accelerate that snowball effect.

Through our 85,000 climate influencers, and the more than 300 companies and NGOs we have as partners, we reach an average of 190 million people each month on social media, among those many people in power.

We connect people working on climate solutions, and we have created a review system that empowers individuals to make a positive impact and hold companies accountable for their actions. We also organize global climate events and participate in major climate conferences, broadcasting them live and making them accessible to people around the world.

As part of its mission to spread and amplify climate solutions, We Don’t Have Time regularly hosts international climate events, like last year’s STHLM+50 Climate Hub, which was broadcast live to more than 30 million viewers from 160 countries. 

Our goal is to bring together everyone who wants to be part of the solution. By working together and sharing solutions on a global scale, we can influence leaders, encourage more companies to join the race, and drive exponential change. 

This is urgently needed. The energy sector, for instance, is still responsible for 73 percent of all the global greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy is now growing exponentially, and could be the major contributor to CO2 emission reductions up to 2030. While this is good news, it is far from enough. Moreover, the general knowledge about how all this renewable energy can be stored is still scarily low. Many do not even know these solutions exist.

For our leaders to be able to take bold decisions and implement and scale the solutions that can help us phase out fossil fuels as soon as possible, they need to know about these solutions, and therefore we need to spread the word, educate them – and push for change.

We encourage you to join our platform. One of our partners, Azelio, has developed a breakthrough solution for storing renewable energy. By following companies like Azelio on We Don’t Have Time, you can learn more about energy storage, and stay informed about insights and perspectives on important climate events and energy politics. When you find something worth sharing, spread the word on your social media channels! By talking about climate solutions, and pushing for their implementation, we can use our collective power to make it happen.

Ingmar Rentzhog, Stockholm, March 2023

Ingmar Rentzhog

Ingmar Rentzhog is the CEO and founder of We Don’t Have Time, the world’s largest social media for climate solutions. He is an award-winning entrepreneur with a background in the finance industry.

Since 2022, Ingmar Rentzhog is a European Climate Pact Ambassador. He is also a Climate Reality leader – personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore, and a member of the European Climate Policy Task Force. He has received many international awards and nominations for his climate work, including ”International gamechanger of the year,” ”Green Warrior 2021,” and ”Environmental influencer of the year.”

He lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden.

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