Solar power when you need it

Distributed and dispatchable solar energy even during the dark hours of the day: Our solution produces renewable electricity in a very cost competitive way, through highly efficient and multi-hour energy storage.

The Mission 

A solution to one of the world’s biggest challenges

We have a solution to one of the biggest challenges facing humankind today: How to get electricity from solar power at a competitive cost even during the dark hours of the day. The key is adding an ingenious storage innovation to the highly efficient solar technology that we have already developed, making electricity from a renewable source accessible, when needed, to a low cost.

earth from space


A smarter way of storing solar energy

Our new technology for Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is applied to our proven Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solution for electricity production. The conversion from heat into electricity is done using a specially developed and highly efficient Stirling engine. In fact, thanks to this revolutionary technology and our strategic partners we have made distributed, renewable electricity cost-competitive even to comparable fossil-based sources, for supply all hours of the day. 

The people 

I know a game changer when I see it

“Solar energy that is generated during the day can now be efficiently converted into electricity 24/7. This opens up a life-changing possibility for the 1.2 billion people living in smaller societies along the earth’s sun belt. Thanks to our solution they can now power their everyday lives and light up the darkness in a way that was impossible before. We are also providing a reliable way forward for countless enterprises in remote locations around the world. Renewable electricity in its purest form is readily available exactly when it is needed. The opportunity for sustainable growth has never been greater.”

Bo Dankis
Executive chairman 

Bo Dankis