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The game-changer in renewable energy storage

Combining an innovative storage design with well-established power production technology, Azelio has developed a renewable energy storage solution providing around-the-clock clean power. Our cutting-edge engineering is transforming the future of clean energy.


By supplying a clean and reliable energy source the TES.POD provides a solution to one of the energy world’s greatest challenges: how to reliably store renewable energy in a financially viable solution. Using wind or solar energy the TES.POD can produce 13 hours of green and affordable electricity.

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An environmental solution

The TES.POD is recognised as one of the world's leading solutions for climate change by established global environmental organisations. Both Mission Innovation and Solar Impulse have awarded the TES.POD their labels for Top 100 solutions capable of substantial global emissions reductions.

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Azelio operates in a wide variety of markets throughout the world. Explore the map below to learn more about some of our ongoing and upcoming projects.

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