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Verification Projects

Planned and active projects

Morocco Project

Installation in Morocco together with Masen

The installation in Morocco is a verification project carried out together with key partner, Masen. The site for the project is one of the world’s largest test areas for Concentrated Solar Power. The purpose is to generate input to preparation of volume production in 2021 and to generate data for commercial purposes.

The full-scale installation of Azelio’s thermal energy storage and Stirling engine will be up and running by the end of 2019.

Status of the installation in Morocco by early December 2019

Abu Dhabi project

Pilot project in with Masdar & Khalifa University in Masdar City

The project aims to test and demonstrate Azelio’s system for renewable energy projects that use PV, concentrated solar power (CSP) and wind energy. The purpose is to evaluate the technology for inclusion in Masdar’s current and future renewable energy projects.
Testing will begin in the fall of 2019 with an evaluation of Azelio’s Stirling engine system for renewable power production. Followed by an analysis of the complete system, including the thermal energy storage (TES), during the first half of 2020.

Sweden project

Verification in Sweden together with Glava Energy Center

In addition to the planned verification in Morocco, a collaboration with the Swedish Glava Energy Center enables verification of the technology also in Sweden. Tests will be carried out close to Azelio’s development center, in system together with other renewable technologies and different grid configurations. The varying test environments accelerate the verification for a wide area of uses.
The collaboration with Glava Energy Center involves varied test possibilities to accelerate the verification of the technology's broad area of uses.

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