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Azelio is currently in an extensive expansion phase, finding new partners and establishing presence all over of the world. We invite our suppliers to take part on this exciting journey and share our success in developing and launching our groundbreaking solution for multi-hour energy storage.

Nevertheless being part of this journey must be based on some important requirements with respect Quality, Business Ethics and Industry Practice. Those requirements are outlined below.


Supplier Quality Assurance Manual

The Azelio Purchasing mission is to provide competitive advantages to our products by selecting, developing and managing suppliers.

We expect our suppliers to be committed to a ZERODEFECT APPROACH and to demonstrate this commitment through:

  • Delivering fully conforming parts or products
  • On time delivery
  • Following approved processes and requirements
  • Pro-active risk management.

 This Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (SQAM) is intended to serve as a reference to better understand our requirements and your role in the shared responsibility. Your feedback as Supplier to Azelio concerning this document is welcomed and encouraged.

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Supplier Declaration

Azelio strives to achieve a leading position in the areas of renewable energy. It is our view that high ethical requirements are the basis of a successful business. Our ambition is to live up to the expectations that our stakeholders may make of us.

It is further to this, a requirement that the suppliers to Azelio shall be made aware of, and commit to adhere to, the same principles in their dealing with Azelio. These principles are described in the Azelio Code of Conduct and shall be acknowledged per signature in the below Supplier Declaration.

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Azelio General Purchasing Conditions

Living up to our promises and expectations from Customers, Partners and Stakeholders, makes it necessary to apply business processes and term and conditions in line with industry practice. In order to ensure open and transparent business dealings throughout the entire supply chain such industry practice has been carefully considered in our General Purchasing Conditions .

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