Efficient from day one,
reliable for years to come

Producing solar electricity in a reliable, highly efficient way with basically no environmental impact is interesting on its own. But now it’s also distributed and dispatchable around-the clock, has modularity benefits and is much more cost efficient than any other solution on the market today. Our concept goes beyond interesting. It’s a game changer.


A ground­breaking

Our solution consists of proven technology in combination with a storage innovation. The concept comprises a heliostat field that concentrates the solar power (CSP). This is used to heat up a Phase Change Material (PCM) that can store the energy for a long period of time. By using our highly efficient Stirling engine we can generate on-demand electricity 24/7. The system as a whole is modular and can easily be extended to match an increasing demand. Efficient, reliable and sustainable.

Concept portrait


We’re up and running

The demo-system built in our plant in Åmål, Sweden, is a demonstrator showing the whole process for the energy storage capacity, transference of energy, the use of stored heat to drive the Stirling engine, and finally the use of the Stirling engine to produce electricity.

The Stirling engine is our regular engine. The rest of the system is at prototype level, which means that all parts are not yet industrialized.