Efficient from day one,
reliable for years to come

Producing solar electricity in a reliable, highly efficient way with basically no environmental impact is interesting on its own. But now it’s also distributed and dispatchable around-the clock, has modularity benefits and is much more cost efficient than any other solution on the market today. Our concept goes beyond interesting. It’s a game changer.

Efficient, reliable and sustainable

It’s when we combine the efficiency, reliability and sustainability that we will produce price-competitive electricity that will change the world.


Expect amazing results

Storing energy in the form of heat is done at a fraction of the cost of storing electricity. This technology is, besides contributing to a low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity), a much more environmentally friendly choice than electrical batteries.

Another great success of the system is the high efficiency of the Stirling engine; substantially higher than in traditional CSP systems.

Industrial automation and high-volume production of components secure that we can maintain low price and high efficiency throughout the entire chain of processes. Offering small and medium size installations, enabling local production and storage at a competitive price, with the possibility for clients to expand whenever the demand increases.

power lines



A system to
rely on

Our solution is built out of field-proven Stirling technology. Every part is made with Swedish quality standards and the different parts have a robust design that doesn’t require much maintenance even under quite demanding conditions.

When installing the Azelio solution, clients have the option to begin with a smaller capacity, start using the electricity and then extend from there. Building larger projects often include a halt in the production of electricity during the construction, but this modular quality has a built-in redundancy. When expanding with another module – or if an engine needs maintenance – only that part of the system will be affected, and the rest can keep on going, losing almost none of the capacity.


Sustainable all the way

There is very low CO2 footprint during production of electricity and even producing our concept is environmentally friendly. Unlike other solutions this system doesn’t rely on any continuous supply of a storage media, such as salt or water. Instead when installed, it only needs solar energy.