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Renewing communities

Our everyday activities require almost continuous access to electricity. The TES.POD's versatility makes it an ideal solution for residential communities and public services with no access to electricity or with access only to isolated or unreliable grids.

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With reliable energy storage the TES.POD provides electricity supply in microgrids facilitating energy self-reliance, cutting high costs and decreasing fossil fuel dependence. We provide solutions for both off-grid and unreliable grid communities, as well as larger institutions that require a constant source of power.

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TES.POD®: Sustainable farming 

Thermal Energy Storage. Power On Demand.

Azelio’s thermal energy storage system combines engineering’s leading technological advancements in thermal energy storage, creating a viable solution for addressing society’s energy needs. With a lifespan of 30 years, and made from no scarce materials, the TES.POD is a truly sustainable solution.


  • Provides 13 hours of electricity at continuous operating power.
  • 30-year lifetime requiring no replacements and zero down-time during servicing.
  • Produces clean and reliable power at affordable prices.

Azelio locations

Azelio is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our production facilities are located at the heart of the Nordic automotive and aerospace clusters on the west coast of Sweden, and we have a European-based supply chain. Explore the map below to see the locations of our regional offices.


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Get in touch

VP Business Development
Ralf Wiesenberg
+34 699 30 86 36

Asia & Oceania
Bjorn Odenbro
+86 134 8873 2320

Africa & the Middle East
Osama Zaalouk
+46 73 810 10 91

North America, Africa & the Middle East
Eren Engur
+90 532 664 82 45

South America
Roberto Martin
+34 653 81 88 99

THE Nordics
Lars Gustavsson
+46 708 36 55 99

Flavio Diaz Ruiz Augusto
+44 7935 28 07 94