October 29th 2021

Azelio publishes white paper with validation data on technical performance of the TES.POD

Azelio’s energy storage test system in Sweden has been gathering an extensive amount of data over a long time. The system performs in all aspects according to the technical performance specification.

Azelio’s energy storage system, TES.POD, has been in operation at Azelio’s development centre to gather operational performance data, such as reliability, uptime, nominal power, round-trip-efficiency, storage capacity, and dynamic behaviours to validate the design requirements.

The test system performs in all aspects to the technical performance specification. The data has been summarized and presented in a white paper by Azelio. This white paper is based on the same data Azelio has provided DNV for third-party validation.

The TES.POD’s standard configuration consists of a Stirling engine as power conversion unit and a thermal energy storage, to provide affordable and clean power from renewables on demand and for all hours of the day.

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About Azelio
Azelio specialises in energy storage with electricity and heat production. The technology is revolutionary in that the energy becomes dispatchable, making renewable energy available around the clock. The energy is stored in recycled aluminium from which it is converted into electricity and heat with a total efficiency of up to 90 %. The solution is scalable, sustainable, and cost-efficient from 0.1 MW up to 100 MW. Azelio has approximately 180 employees, is headquartered in Gothenburg, has production in Uddevalla (Sweden) and development centres in Gothenburg and Åmål (Sweden), as well as presence in Stockholm, South Africa, Australia, Middle East, China, Spain, and Morocco. Azelio is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Growth Market with FNCA Sweden AB as Certified Adviser: +46(0)8-528 00 399, info@fnca.se. More about Azelio: www.azelio.com  

Azelio is a Swedish cleantech company. We have developed an ingenious long duration energy storage technology, providing dispatchable electricity and usable heat for all hours of the day – with zero emissions and at a very competitive cost.

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