November 10th 2022

Azelio publishes white paper on TES.POD with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) production

The long-duration energy storage system that Azelio has developed for electricity production on demand also features heat production. This is commonly known as Combined Heat and Power, or CHP. The residual heat from the system, when the TES.POD is in operation for electricity generation, can be available as usable heat.

Residual heat from the system is available at temperatures up to 60°C. This low-temperature heat can be utilised in many customer applications such as in agriculture, communities, and industries. In CHP mode, one TES.POD unit produces around 11 kW electricity and 25 kW thermal energy throughout the 13 hours discharge cycle.

The first commercial TES.POD with CHP was installed and operated at Haneberg farm, located in eastern Sweden, and was established as a research project together with the Swedish Energy Agency. The CHP proof-of-concept aimed to replace part of the fossil fuel consumed, during the process of drying grain, with clean residual heat from the TES.POD. Azelio’s CHP system reduced the required temperature rise in the fossil fired heater by preheating the air, while also providing electricity to the farm.

The white paper provides a description of, and outlines, the system and its economic benefits to the cost of energy.

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