March 11th 2019

Azelio Newsletter, March 2019

Read about the recent happenings at Azelio. In the year-end report we show that progress is made according to plan. Azelio's highly skilled employees are requested as panelists and speakers at high-level events and conferences globally. Together with two of our partners, Masen and KTH, we presented our collaboration and advancements at an event hosted by the Moroccan Embassy. That and more in hour March newsletter.

Azelio’s year-end report summary with a video on progress according to plan

Feb – 2019

2018 was a positive and eventful year for Azelio. The demonstration of the Company’s proprietary energy storage technology attracted attention from around the world, resulting in enquiries from potential customers in over 50 countries. The Company’s development and industrialization is continuing according to plan towards a full-scale verification project later this year, smaller commercial projects next year followed by a ramp up in volumes. In the fourth quarter Azelio was listed on Nasdaq First North. With the listing, the company brought in 242 million SEK before transaction costs and 2,200 new shareholders, including several strong and long-term institutions.   

See a video interview on the report with Jonas Eklind here:

Read the full year-end report here:

Azelio invited by the World Bank to South Africa for a conference on a renewable future

Feb – 2019

Azelio is honored and proud to be invited by the World Bank to their conference in South Africa on Batteries, Energy Storage and The Renewable Future. Azelio was represented by VP Partners and Collaborations, Jonas Wallmander. Lots of good discussions took place during the conference and a big interest was given to Azelio’s unique CSP solution with thermal energy storage. There are different technologies suitable for various situations, all with their purpose. It is clear that Azelio has a required solution with its own clear purpose, for distributed storage and production for dispatchable renewable electricity around the clock to a low cost. Cost effective and long-term storage is clearly the future for a sustainable development.

"An honor for Azelio to be invited by the World Bank. We have had very interesting discussions with lots of positive attention to our unique CSP with thermal storage solution." 
– Jonas Wallmander, VP Partners & Collaborations at Azelio

Azelio’s Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg, VP Business Development, invited as a panelist in Miami for Latin America Energy Forum and Powering Africa

Feb – 2019

Azelio successfully participated at the Latin America Energy Forum and the co-event Powering Africa, which both took place in Miami on February 25th-27th. Azelio´s VP Business Development, Dr Ralf Wiesenberg, was invited as a panelist for discussing with other experts from Altaaqa, Siemens, AES and ACCIONA the importance of digitization and storage as the last step towards a 24/7 renewable power generation. During the session the panelist addressed topics as the importance of centralized SCADA/CMMS systems for decentralized power generation, the increasing necessity of smart grids for managing power systems, the advantages of new solar power generation concepts with thermal storage for supplying stable and reliable power as well as the increased use of corporate PPAs and its implication in project finance for these kind of energy projects. Many positive feedbacks from the audience confirmed the high interest and importance of the addressed issues for the ongoing electricity sector transformation.

Azelio’s CEO, Jonas Eklind, presenting the company at Aktiespararna’s renewable energy event in Gothenburg and Stockholm

Feb – 2019

At Aktiespararna’s central event on renewable energy, Azelio’s CEO Jonas Eklind presented the company’s unique solution for around the clock renewable electricity production. The event was held over two days in Gothenburg and in Stockholm. Around 200 people attended each event, with lot’s questions and great discussions.

The event in Gothenburg was filmed and distributed by Aktiespararna.
See the presentation here:

Jonas Eklind, Azelio’s CEO, invited by Spare Bank 1 as a speaker for their annual Energy conference in Oslo

Feb – 2019

A conference on the topic of transition from fossil to renewable. Aside from the obvious effects of improving for the environment and society, it is now becoming an economical choice. However, a clearly highlighted point of what is missing are solutions for distributed production with storage for around the clock use without the need for new and expensive electricity grids. During the conference a parallel was made to the development of phones, where countries that lack copper networks skip that step and directly build distributed systems with mobile phones. The same is now happening in energy and electricity and that market has a huge potential.

You can see Jonas Eklind's presentation here:  

Masen, KTH and Azelio, invited by the Moroccan Embassy, on their collaboration for renewable energy solutions

Feb – 2019

On February 12th, The Moroccan Embassy hosted an event for an invited audience, where Masen (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy), KTH and Azelio presented their progress on research, development and implementation and their collaboration around renewable energy. The feedback from audience was very positive and clearly three parties has is in a win-win-win situation, with a mutual vision on progress towards a sustainable future with smart, competitive and leading solutions for renewable energy.

Press release: Increased competence, new test facilities in Åmål and presence in Morocco

Feb – 2019

On February 18th, Azelio went out with a press release on the progress of the company, which generated lots of interest in both Sweden and Northern Africa.

“Azelio has started the year with continued positive development. In line with the business plan, the global presence has been expanded with presence in Morocco. The development center in Åmål in Sweden has expanded its testing facilities for product verification. The company has also been reinforced with increased qualified expertise to progress the industrialization as planned and prepare for a coming commercial breakthrough.”

Read the full press release here:

Report from Azelio’s China team on the Chinese market development for Azelio, energy storage and CSP

Mar – 2019

China stands to benefit hugely from clean power. The smog, to which coal power generation contributes an estimated 61%, envelopes its cities for weeks at a time and is a large social and health problem for the government. In order to meet this challenge, as well as its commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions, first under the Kyoto Protocol and more lately under the Paris Agreement (China has committed to reduce carbon intensity by 40-45% by 2020), China has encouraged fast expansion of clean energy. This first resulted in breakneck growth of wind power between the years 2005 and 2010 (China’s wind power industry grew in terms of cumulative installed capacity at a rate exceeding 100% for six consecutive years from 2005) and then of PV from 2007 until 2010 (at an annual growth of more than 100%). The destabilizing effects of this extreme growth on the grid has made energy storage a priority of the Chinese government, something that should make CSP a top priority with clean energy set for further growth. To this end, a goal to expand total installed capacity of CSP by 5 GW by 2020 was set in the 13th five-year Plan (up from nothing at the time, and only a few hundred megawatts today).

Azelio has been present in China since 2011 and its Beijing office, employing four, has since accumulated deep knowhow in the vital aspects of the local CSP market.

From running our demo park in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, we learned valuable lessons in project management and maintenance, and from negotiations projects and partnerships, as well as participating in the much vaunted National Demo Project application process (with applications for three projects) in 2016, we gathered invaluable knowledge of the ins and outs of project preparation together with large Chinese state-owned and private companies.

When Azelio first set up in China, the market for CSP was expected to take off shortly along the same trajectories as wind and PV previously. Unfortunately, for a number of non-business-related reasons, these expectations have – in spite of the urgency of bringing more stable clean power to the grid – not yet materialized and the Chinese CSP market remains still in its cradle.

After a slow start following a long period of inertia, 20 national demo projects, a total of 1.35 GW of installed capacity, were awarded at the feed-in-tariff (FIT) of 1.15 RMB/kWh generated. While submitting three applications, Azelio was not awarded a project due to its lack at that time of thermal storage. Today, with a heat storage enabled technology and a modified strategy, as well as years of accumulated know-how and experience, Azelio is in a position of vantage to benefit from Chinese CSP growth.

CNN on Morocco’s big ambitions for renewable energy, reporting from world’s biggest concentrated solar farm – the place for Azelio’s verification project

Feb – 2019

A report from CNN on Azelio's strategic partner MASEN's solar project in Morocco, that produces enough electricity to power a city the size of Prague. Later this year, Azelio's full scale verification project will be placed in this area.

"Electricity demand has doubled since 2010 and by 2030 we want Morocco to be one of the first countries in the world for renewables to exceed share of fossil energy."

Read the article from CNN here:  

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