What are the different types of long-duration energy storage?

In its ongoing Energy Storage Insights series, Azelio breaks down everything you need to know about storage technologies. In part three, we look into the varying types of long-duration energy storage available on the market or in development today.

Previously in our Energy Storage Insights series, we examined what long-duration energy storage actually is. We also looked at defining long-duration in terms of the length of time a system can store energy. Now let’s go a step further – it’s time to talk technology!

Leading LDES technologies

There are many innovative and interesting LDES solutions being developed or already out in the world today. These can be broadly classified into four technology groups:

LDES Technologies

ELECTROCHEMICAL – Including batteries of differing chemistries
MECHANICAL – Using storage of potential or kinetic energy
CHEMICAL – Storing electricity by creating chemical bonds
THERMAL – Using thermal energy to store & release
electricity & heat

All of these systems can store and release energy from clean sources, whether over hours or weeks. That’s better for the environment than burning polluting fossil fuels. It’s also needed for our energy systems, if we want to successfully ramp up solar and wind power.

Adding flexibility while reducing CO2

In 2021, the Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Council released its Net-zero power: Long duration energy storage for a renewable grid report. This advised that with a smart global deployment of LDES technologies by 2040, we can add the balance and flexibility needed to increase the share of renewables in our energy mix. Moreover, long-duration technologies, combined with clean energy sources, can decarbonize our economies at the lowest cost to society.

Long-duration energy storage technologies can work together with solar PV to supply clean power even when the sun stops shining.

In fact, there are many reasons why governments and grid operators are budgeting for and incentivizing LDES. One example is the US introduction of its groundbreaking Inflation Reduction Act last year. Find out more in Energy Storage Insights part two, where we looked into societies’ pressing need for energy storage.

Next time in Energy Storage Insights

Batteries are a popular topic in the wider energy storage conversation. In part four of our series, we take a closer look at LDES and batteries. How do the technologies compare to one another, and work together?

In focus: thermal energy storage

Azelio’s TES.POD system is an example from the thermal energy storage technology group. It charges from renewable sources to supply clean heat and electricity around-the-clock.

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