An important time for energy storage – why is it in the news?

Energy storage has been a popular topic during the last two weeks, not only in news feeds and dialogues concerning the renewable transition, but for legislators on the level of the European Commission. What’s been happening? Here’s a round-up of the latest energy storage developments.

On March 10th, a joint statement was issued by US President Biden and EU Commission President von der Leyen, which referenced the launch of the Clean Energy Incentives Dialogue. The aim is to coordinate the respective incentive programs of the US and EU, joining forces to create a transatlantic market where essential sustainable technologies can flourish.

Long-duration energy storage (LDES) fits this description, and the approach gives cause for optimism. Nevertheless, further progress must be made to give long-duration forms of storage sufficient recognition within legislation as vital tools for decarbonizing our world.

A dialogue on energy storage

A few days later on March 14th, the European Commission released a series of recommendations setting out the ways member states can assess their individual and collective requirements for energy storage.

This is a key moment, as the EU is encouraging an active dialogue on the need for storage technologies, and acknowledging they underpin ‘a decarbonised and secure EU energy system.’ It’s also positive that the strategy document recognizes thermal energy storage technologies – and their capacity to supply clean heat – as an essential part of the renewable transition.

Azelio’s TES.POD thermal LDES solution supplies heat in parallel to electricity, offering huge potential for CO2 emission reductions.

Work to be done

It’s clear that policymakers are increasingly aware of the importance of energy storage. These technologies harness renewable energy to make it available for longer periods, maximize accessibility for end-users, and optimize cost. However, further steps need to be taken to incentivize LDES specifically, and recognize its criticality alongside shorter-duration battery solutions.

Azelio is a founder technology member of the Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) Council. This organization is currently undertaking important work with the European Commission, to elevate the status of LDES and achieve recognition of the central role it plays in reaching Europe’s net-zero targets.

LDES technologies are ready

Things are moving in the right direction for energy storage. It’s positive to see powerful legislators taking steps to gain more knowledge and insight about this technology area. LDES remains fundamental in the fight against climate change, as we look to introduce more renewable energy streams into our systems. Now is the time for action, and we need to see more of this in the form of incentives.

Long-duration solutions are market ready. Azelio’s TES.POD thermal energy storage is out in the world and helping to shape the clean energy system of tomorrow. LDES is here and can enable the sustainable society that together we hope to achieve.

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