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20th of May 2021

Azelio’s TES.POD[®] arrives on site at Dubai’s MBR solar park

Last week saw the arrival of our TES.POD® on site at the MBR Solar Park in Dubai. With preparations underway for the unit's installation (following a 7,500-mile journey that began in Uddevalla, Sweden) the project is proceeding on schedule.

"We are delighted with the progress the team has made so far. The TES.POD® arrived last week and everything is now in place for the installation work that will begin shortly. We are on track to hand over this project to our client on schedule and look forward to seeing our solution up and running in this wonderful facility. This has been a large effort from multiple teams in both Sweden and on the ground here in Dubai and we couldn't be happier with how the project is looking at the moment," says Fredrik Lisnell, Delivery Manager at Azelio.

The TES.POD® will form part of a series of solutions supplying energy to a visitor center located at Phase 4 of the MBR solar park in Dubai, with the site set to be operational this summer. The TES.POD® secures around-the-clock clean power for the visitor center, as a distributed sustainable baseload.

TESPOD arrives at MBR