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25th of January 2021

Azelio and Svea Solar sign MoU for joint projects using energy storage coupled to solar PV

Azelio and Svea Solar have signed a MoU to develop projects using Azelio’s long-duration energy storage, TES.POD®, coupled to PV systems. The collaboration will span over at least 3 projects in 2021, 5 projects in 2022, and 10 projects in 2023. A total of 8 MW of installed power and more than 100 MWh in equivalent storage capacity.

Svea Solar is Sweden’s largest solar PV installer. In support of expanding its business offerings into the energy storage segment in Sweden in particular and Europe in general, a collaboration is initiated with Azelio, as a developer of long-duration energy storage.

Azelio’s storage solution, TES.POD®, stores renewable energy in recycled aluminum. The energy can be dispatched on demand as electricity and heat during the dark hours and at times during the day when direct production is not sufficient.

“I am proud to initiate this collaboration and glad that Svea Solar wants to address the energy storage segment together with Azelio. Our solutions complement each other perfectly, extending the use of renewable energy for all hours of the day”, says Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio.      

“Svea Solar is leading the power shift towards renewable solar energy in the Nordics. Together with Azelio we will proudly offer a superior long-duration storage solution. This is yet another great step towards sustainable living through innovation for customers across Europe, says Erik Martinson CEO of SVEA Solar”.



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