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22nd of January 2020

New names on Azelio's shareholder list after oversubscribed rights issue

Azelio recently completed an oversubscribed rights issue of SEK 350 million. In connection with the share issue, Ilija Batljan entered as the fifth largest shareholder in Azelio, together with many private and institutional investors.

At the end of December 2019, Azelio announced an oversubscribed rights issue of SEK 350 million. The announcement was made along with the news that Azelio started up its verification project in Morocco. After the rights issue, Blue Marlin AB remains the largest shareholder of the company and Back in Black Capital Ltd is now the second largest shareholder. Many new private and institutional investors have also been added, including Ilija Batljan as the fifth largest shareholder in Azelio.

“It is gratifying to welcome new shareholders to Azelio. We have a strong ownership base and feel strong commitment from the organization and the owners as well as from the market for the addressed global challenge in increased access to renewable energy. Azelio is in an exciting phase with several signed MoUs and the recently installed verification project in Morocco”, says Bo Dankis, Chairman of the Board of Azelio.


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