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19th of October 2020

Azelio business update - Azelio has successfully verified its energy storage system’s performance

Azelio has successfully generated verification data so that the performance of the company’s energy storage system has been verified in accordance with the specification of 13 kW output power with a storage capacity corresponding to 13 hours of electricity production. The company has thus reached an important milestone in the commercialization of its energy storage system.

The certification body DNV-GL has announced that it will issue an initial verification report within four weeks, which will be made available to Azelio’s customers.

The verification project has thus resulted in an adequate verification basis for smaller commercial projects, which has been an important sub-goal for Azelio in 2020. The verification project continues to generate longer data series for larger commercial projects.

The primary purpose of the verification project is to create a basis from which end-customers can receive external financing for projects with Azelio's technology, which is done with the help of externally validated verification reports.



For further information, please contact

Jonas Eklind – CEO


Tel: +46 709 40 35 80