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19th of June 2019

Azelio offers its technology to increase reliable clean power supply for refugee camps in Jordan

Azelio has invited UNHCR to explore the company’s unique energy storage technology as a complement to the existing solar photovoltaic power installations in refugee camps in Jordan. UNHCR aims for the refugee camps to be self-sufficient and is now looking for solutions providing reliable on-site clean power supply at all hours of the day. As a first step, Azelio assessed the refugee camp of Azraq and will present to UNHCR’s energy experts later this year a comprehensive feasibility study based on Azelio’s technology.

“It is an honor for Azelio to help UNHCR analyze how to reach 100 % renewable energy supply for their refugee camps in remote areas. Giving access to affordable and clean energy is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Azelio is committed to participate in its achievement,” says Ralf Wiesenberg, Azelio’s VP of Business Development who visited the refugee camp in Jordan together with his colleague Youssef Benmakhlouf.

Azraq refugee camp in Jordan is home to just over 36 thousand refugees of which 60 % are children. The camp is divided in four villages with schools, health centers, police stations, marketplaces and a hospital to provide services for the whole refugee camp. This infrastructure requires a reliable supply of electricity to function and today’s solar photovoltaic installations cover approximately 70 % of the total needs in the camp. As UNHCR has the ambition for the refugee camps to be self-sufficient, Azelio’s solution gives the opportunity to complement the existing systems for clean power supply also during night hours. A case study of Azelio’s solution is being prepared and will be presented to UNHCR’s energy experts in Geneva later this year.