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14th of March 2019
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Microgrids in need of cost effective long-term energy storage for a sustainable growth

As the microgrid market is growing rapidly a solution such as Azelio's is growing in demand. The reason is that most long-term storage alternatives are large scale solutions, most often grid connected. Batteries that are modular has a storage capacity of around 4 hours. As the requirement for functioning societies, industries, etc. are reliable solution for all-day-use, the alternative today is to use diesel generators, that are heavily polluting and expensive. Here is a great opportunity for Azelio to make a big change for a sustaiable development and to grow as a business. 

Here is an outtake from Financial Times “Smart grids show their power in adversity”, Sept 24, 2018

The share of global energy produced by microgrids — mini independent power grids created from several power sources working in parallel or independently from the main electricity grid is growing rapidly.

This year, for the first time, the energy added by such new distributed generators will exceed that added by new centralized power plants, according to Navigant Research, a US consultancy.

By 2026, according to the consultancy’s projections, the ratio of new power supplied by microgrids to new centralized capacity will be more than three to one. At that point, the global market for hardware, system controls and integration with existing grid infrastructure will be worth $26bn.

Microgrids are having the biggest impact in the developing world, however. Asia Pacific boasts the largest share of global microgrid power capacity — with 41 per cent of the local market. The region is followed by North America (31 per cent), the Middle East and Africa (14 per cent) and Europe (8 per cent).

Universal access to energy by 2030 will require that 35 per cent of new power connections be provided by microgrids, according to the International Energy Agency. The biggest number, about 290 million, will be required in Africa.

 “Just as the spread of mobile phone and data services meant the continent bypassed traditional cable phone and data networks, these smart grids will soon overtake [the] traditional hub-and-spoke model based on main-grid extension,” says John Kidenda of AMDA, the trade association for microgrid developers in Africa.

Azelio energy storage

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New Business Development Members

29th of June 2021

Welcoming New Business Development Colleagues

We are pleased to introduce the latest members of the Business Development team: Eren Engur Roberto Martin, Mats Ottosson, Björn Samuelsson, and Hans Svanbom. Eren, Roberto, Björn, and Hans join as Senior Business Development Managers responsible for driving business activities in key markets, while Mats joins as our Senior Manager of Commercial Aftermarket Services, where he will be leading customer support throughout the TES.POD's life cycle.


3rd of June 2021

TES.POD arrives in Dubai

Last week saw the arrival of our TES.POD® on site at the MBR Solar Park in Dubai. With preparations underway for the unit's installation (following a 7,500-mile journey that began in Uddevalla, Sweden) the project is proceeding on schedule.