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News & Insights from Azelio

Here you can read about the latest happenings at Azelio and find out more about the people in the company and relevant happenings in the industry.

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New Business Development Members

29th of June 2021

Welcoming New Business Development Colleagues

We are pleased to introduce the latest members of the Business Development team: Eren Engur Roberto Martin, Mats Ottosson, Björn Samuelsson, and Hans Svanbom. Eren, Roberto, Björn, and Hans join as Senior Business Development Managers responsible for driving business activities in key markets, while Mats joins as our Senior Manager of Commercial Aftermarket Services, where he will be leading customer support throughout the TES.POD's life cycle.


3rd of June 2021

TES.POD arrives in Dubai

Last week saw the arrival of our TES.POD® on site at the MBR Solar Park in Dubai. With preparations underway for the unit's installation (following a 7,500-mile journey that began in Uddevalla, Sweden) the project is proceeding on schedule.

Mining pit

25th of May 2021

Decarbonising the mining sector

As one of the world's most energy-intensive industries, mining has long been ripe for a renewable energy transformation. Falling renewable energy costs, coupled with an increased determination to address environmental impacts, has led to a significant transformation in the way mine operators approach energy generation, consumption, and management. With the sector prepared to rethink the adoption of renewables into its energy mix, is mining the latest sector on the cusp of a green energy revolution?

New Board

14th of May 2021

New Board Members

We are proud to welcome Carol Browner, Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, and Hans Ola Meyer onto Azelio’s Board of Directors. Carol, Elaine and Hans will bring considerable experience and knowledge in the areas of #sustainability, #publicaffairs and #finance to the company and we look forward to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future together.

22nd of April 2021

Azelio at NREL

Azelio's CEO Jonas Eklind at the NREL Industry Growth Forum 2021. Presenting the TES.POD, a groundbreaking energy storage solution that stores renewable energy in recycled aluminum, producing electricity, and supply low-temperature heat on-demand and around-the-clock.

Energy and Mines Africa

3rd of May 2021

Azelio at Energy and Mines Africa

Azelio is thrilled to announce its participation at Energy and Mines Africa Virtual Summit on May 4-6, 2021. The Summit will bring together senior mining executives, global renewable energy experts and finance leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges for renewables for mines across the African continent. 

Future of Energy Storage

1st of April 2021

Ralf Wiesenberg on the future of energy storage

Azelio's solution was featured in the spring edition of Energy Global, where VP of Business Development, Ralf Wiesenberg, discussed the importance of energy storage - and how our long-duration storage system compares against li-ion batteries.

Phase 4 MBR Solar Park

7th of January 2021

TES.POD® at MBR's solar complex in Dubai

Azelio announced on December 9, 2020 that it will install its TES.POD® in Dubai. It will be part of a mini grid that will power a visitor center in the fourth phase of one of the world’s largest solar parks, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) Solar Complex in Dubai.

TES.POD development at Åmål facility

30th of November 2020

TES.POD® technology awarded four new patents

Azelio has been granted four new patents. The patents refer to innovations to efficiently store energy and generate electricity from heat, which is central to being able to store renewable energy and make it available around the clock in an efficient way.

EV charging in the US

24th of November 2020

5 Reasons the future of U.S. renewables looks brighter

With over 742 million MWh generated from renewable sources in 2018, the United States is already one of the world's biggest markets for clean energy. As key stakeholders aim to capitalise on the abundance of renewable energy sources, as well as the ever-decreasing cost of solar and wind, recent developments look set to further reinforce the country's status as one of the leading markets for renewables. Here we look at five key factors that are poised to catapult a country, already on the verge of a green energy revolution, to the next level.

Solar Park in Chine

16th of October 2020

Renewables take starring role post the pandemic

Renewables will take a starring role over the next decade, with solar power taking centre stage. Solar PV is now consistently cheaper than new coal- or gas-fired power plants in most countries, and solar projects now offer some of the lowest-cost electricity ever seen. Storage will play an increasingly vital role in ensuring the flexible operation of power systems. These are some of the findings in the World Energy Outlook 2020, the International Energy Agency’s flagship publication, that can be found here.

12th of October 2020

Azelio at Pareto Tech Conference

CEO Jonas Eklind presented Azelio at Pareto Securities' Renewable Energy & Clean Tech Conference on October 7, 2020.

inauguration in Morocoo

5th of March 2020

Azelio inaugurates its renewable energy storage at Noor in Morocco

Azelio has completed the installation of its renewable energy storage with 24h clean power production at Noor Ouarzazate solar complex in Morocco. An inauguration ceremony was held on March 5, 2020 together with the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) and invited prominent guests.

26th of November 2019

Azelio at Redeye Tech Day

CEO Jonas Eklind presented Azelio at Redeye Tech Day that took place in Stockholm on November 20, 2019.

12th of November 2019

Video interview with CEO Jonas Eklind

Azelio recently announced a rights issue that will amount to a maximum of SEK 350 million. CEO Jonas Eklind talks to Redeye’s analyst about what the funding will be used for, opportunities he sees in the market and a bit about the projects the company is working on. (in Swedish)

12th of November 2019

IAE highlights Africa’s role in shaping global energy trends

The International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights Africa’s role in shaping global energy trends in its Africa Energy Outlook 2019, The report concludes that Africa in 2040 could meet the energy demands of an economy four times larger than today’s with only 50% more energy. Better access to energy will be key in achieving growth but it requires investments. If policy makers put a strong emphasis on clean energy technologies solar PV could become the continent’s largest electricity source in terms of installed capacity by 2040.

19th of June 2019

Azelio offers its technology to increase reliable clean power supply for refugee camps in Jordan

Azelio to evaluate how to increase reliable clean power supply at all hours of the day for refugee camps in Jordan.

17th of June 2019

Azelio Webcast - the unique energy storage technology

June 17th 2019, a webinar with Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, on the broadened use of the comapny's thermal energy storage technology for CSP or improved productivity for solar PV and wind power.

17th of June 2019

Azelio in collaboration for verification of its energy storage technology also in Sweden

In addition to the planned verification in Morocco at the end of 2019, Azelio is now initiating a collaboration with the Swedish Glava Energy Center ( for verification of its technology also in Sweden. The collaboration enables tests close to the company's development and in system together with other renewable technologies and different grid configurations. The varying test environments accelerate the verification for a wide area of uses for an expanded market.

5th of June 2019

Azelio Newsletter, June 2019

Get updated on recent progress at Azelio in the June Newsletter. Great things are happening as dialogues are developing into agreements and as Azelio's technology is getting lots of positive attention around the world.

3rd of June 2019

Azelio presents its energy storage technology to the World Bank and IFC in Washington

Azelio was on Friday (31/5) at the World Bank and IFC (International Financial Corporation, part of the World Bank Group) in Washington to present its unique energy storage technology with sustainable electricity production around the clock. The World Bank has recently announced major investments in energy storage to strengthen existing and planned installations for solar and wind energy, especially in developing countries where large parts of the population lack access to an electricity grid.

28th of May 2019

Azelio’s CEO Jonas Eklind awarded Mission Innovation Champion at a ceremony in Vancouver

Mission Innovation was launched at the Paris Climate Conference in 2015 as a global initiative of 22 countries and the European Commission, on behalf of the European Union, seeking to dramatically accelerate global clean energy innovation and make clean energy widely affordable and reliable.

27th of May 2019

Azelio signs agreement with Sales Agent for renewable electricity supply to off-grid hospitals in Africa

Azelio has signed a sales agent agreement with Pansanté AB for sustainable electricity supply to hospitals in central and southern Africa. Pansanté AB ( has developed an award-winning concept for sustainable healthcare. As the agreement aims at areas off grid, Azelio's solution for electricity production with energy storage offers an alternative to diesel generators as baseload.

22nd of May 2019

Azelio's storage technology's broadened area of uses

Our unique solution just went global with the ability for electrical heating of our thermal energy storage. This opens new possibilities together with Solar PV and Wind power on the global market for clean power when you need it, all hours of the day.

26th of April 2019

Jonas Enlind - investor presentation

Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, attended PreHearings for an investor presentation. Click the link below to see the whole presentation.

26th of April 2019

Interim report summary Jan - Mar 2019

On April 26th Azelio published it Q1 report. A positive first quarter where Azelio is progessing accoring to plan. Click below to read a summary of the report and see an interview with Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, on highlights of the period.

19th of April 2019

SvD on Azelio partner, Masen's solar ambitions in Morocco

A good coverage by Svenska Dagbladet on Azelio's strategic partner Masen and solar power with storage in Morocco. Masen leads Morocco's aim for 52% renewable energy by 2030, starting from zero with fossil imports. Masen is also managing the world's largest solar power park with storage in Ouarzazate as well as advisor to many African countries' renewable energy plans.

17th of April 2019

Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, in interview with Swedish Radio

Listen to Sveriges Radio interviewing Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, on CSP and energy storage. A good coverage on different technologies that all play an important role for transition to a sustianble future.

15th of April 2019

Swedish Radio on the Moroccan site for Azelio's project in late 2019

The site for Azelio's installation in late 2019. Sveriges Radio on Azelio's partner Masen's world-leading solar park and Morocco's big investments in renewable energy.

2nd of April 2019

MOU signing for reliable and sustainable electricity supply in Pakistan

Azelio signs a MOU for reliable and sustainable electricity supply in Pakistan. A first step in introducing the technology to the market in Pakistan. A market characterized by an unreliable grid and good solar conditions, where Azelio's solution will make a big difference.

1st of April 2019

Azelio's unique thermal energy storage solution

Azelio's CTO, Torbjörn Lindquist, on the game-changing energy storage solution with renewable electricity, dispatchable all hours of the day. Follow the link to see the video.

26th of March 2019

Azelio extends agreement with partner in China

"China has big ambitions for solar power with energy storage. The renewed contract with Datang Holdings New Energy Technologies is a clear acknowledgment that we have an attractive solution for the Chinese market.”

20th of March 2019

Azelio was selected by European Commission for the very first InvestEU Matchmaking Event

Azelio was selected for an InvestEU Event in Brussels, with the purpose of bringing the public and private sector together under the InvestEU umbrella. Azelio was represented by Jonas Eklind, CEO.

19th of March 2019

Azelio's Rafael Guédez on the unique market position

In the search for cost effective solutions for a universal electricity access, Azelio holds a unique position as a supplier of a renewable distributed baseload. Click below for a video.

Rapid growth of microsgrid

14th of March 2019

Rapid growth of microgrids and the need for efficient long -term energy storage

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals commit the global community to delivering access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. Microgrids are a solution, but in order to create a sustainble baseload in the microgrids, cost effective long-term storage, such as offered by Azelio, is required.

Newsletter March 2019

11th of March 2019

Azelio Newsletter, March 2019

Read about the recent happenings at Azelio. In the year-end report we show that progress is made according to plan. Azelio's highly skilled employees are requested as panelists and speakers at high-level events and conferences globally. Together with two of our partners, Masen and KTH, we presented our collaboration and advancements at an event hosted by the Moroccan Embassy. That and more in hour March newsletter.

Azelio's China team

6th of March 2019

Azelio's China team: the China market, CSP and energy storage

From 2005 China’s installed wind power capacity grew with over 100% for six consecutive years. Then between 2007 and 2010 PV grew with over 100% annually. The destabilizing effects of this extreme growth on the grid has made energy storage a priority of the Chinese government. Azelio’s thermal energy storage technology together with years of accumulated China know-how and experi-ence, Azelio is in a position of vantage to benefit from Chinese planned growth for CSP and energy storage.

Azelio at the Latin America Energy Forum and co-event Powering Africa

4th of March 2019

Azelio at the Latin America Energy Forum and co-event Powering Africa

Azelio's VP Business Development, Dr. Ralf Wiesenberg, was invited as a panellist at the Latin America Energy Forum and co-event Powering Africa in Miami.

SpareBank 1 energy conference in Oslo

28th of February 2019

Azelio presenter at SpareBank 1 energy conference

Azelio's CEO, Jonas Eklind, was invited as a presenter at SpareBank1's energy conference in Oslo on February 28th.

Year end report

28th of February 2019

Year End Report 2018 Azelio AB

2018 was a positive and eventful year for Azelio with a successful demonstration of storage solution. In December Azelio was listed on Nasdaq First North. Follow the link to a video interview on the report with Azelios's CEO, Jonas Eklind.

Jonas Wallmander

27th of February 2019

Azelio invited by World Bank to conference on The Renewable Future

Azelio is honored and proud to be invited by the World Bank to their conference in South Africa on Batteries, Energy Storage and The Renewable Future.

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