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Azelio as an investment

Large untapped market with significant growth expected

Access to continuous and reliable electricity is critical for economic development. Approximately 1 billion people in the ”Sun Belt” today lack access to electricity and 65 per cent of the population in Africa lack access to a reliable grid. A poor grid doesn’t just impact households, but also hospitals, factories, telecom systems, government buildings, etc.

Game changing modular product solution with superior performance

Azelio has created a flexible, cost-effective and environmentally optimized solution that open up unlimited opportunities for hundreds of millions of people. In addition, Azelio´s solution is much more cost efficient than all other solutions on the market today.

High quality in-house manufacturing ready for scale production

Azelio´s assembly line in Uddevalla was acquired from Volvo Cars in 2013. With industrial volume production of components, Azelio can secure low price and high efficiency throughout the entire chain of processes. Annual capacity amounts, with existing production line, to 23,000 units per year but can within current facility scale up to 46,000 units annually

Strong organisation in place with industrial and international experience

Azelio has a strong organization in place to realize on our strategy. We have recruited core competences from the Nordic automotive and aerospace clusters as well as from the international research community and have an experienced  management as well as Board of Directors in place

Industrialization ongoing with blue-chip partners

With a network of global blue-chip development partners, an extensive supplier and financing network, and extensive interest from potential customers the company is well prepared for a commercial roll-out


Azelio Investor presentation 2018

Investor presentation by Azelio's CEO Jonas Eklind on November 27, 2018 

Video length: 39:13

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