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Why invest in Azelio

Expect eco-nomic gain

Azelio’s disruptive energy storage makes clean power accessible when and where it is needed, at all hours of the day and with zero emissions. A lot cheaper than fossil alternatives.

With over 2,5 billion people lacking a reliable access to electricity, development of societies is held back. With a goal from the UN to provide affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, the Word Bank has identified investments in mini grids to a cost of USD 220 billion until 2030 as the being fastest and cheapest way in reaching that goal.

As distributed solutions now are expanding fast, led by renewable technologies, there is a contradiction in the big challenge of making this fast expansion sustainable. The challenge is the renewables’ dependency on weather conditions, as sun and wind hours. A reliable access is thus dependent on fossil solutions in the form of diesel, to cover up for renewable down time. That is until now.

Groundbreaking solutions for distributed renewable power on demand with superior performance

Azelio has developed a scalable and highly cost-effective solution for storing energy in recycled aluminum and produce renewable power on demand and around the clock. This allows for production from renewables to be aligned with demand, avoiding a mismatch between supply and demand, causing for example unbalanced pricing. The solution is scalable and cost efficient from 100 kW all the way up to 100 MW, enough to supply for example a community, factory, hospital or a commercial building.

With its long-duration energy storage ability with supply on demand, Azelio’s solution can function in system with other renewable technologies as a distributed renewable baseload in a micro grid, replacing diesel. The systems differs further from other energy storage technologies by not suffering degradation in capacity over time and not requiring any refilling of storage media for maintained capacity.

It is a groundbreaking solution that provides opportunities for economic and sustainable development for societies and hundreds of millions of people.

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High-quality development and production – ready for volumes

Azelio’s production plant in Uddevalla, Sweden was taken over from Volvo Cars in 2013. With industrial volume production of components and with suppliers from the automotive industry etc., Azelio can keep production costs low and achieve a high level of efficiency throughout the processing chain. The annual production capacity with the existing production line is 23,000 units per year and within the current plant this can be scaled up to 46,000 units a year as needed. The plant is setup and ready for volume production

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Strong team in place and ready for the global market

Azelio has a strong organization with its core staff experienced from the automotive, aviation and renewable energy industry. Development takes place in close cooperation with leading global actors in the energy sector as well as prominent research institutions, such as the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. With a global network of prominent and established partners, such as Masdar and Masen (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) combined with a large number potential customers and existing MOU clients, many of whom emerged after the Company’s successful public technology demonstration in June 2018, the Company is well-prepared and close to a commercial rollout. Since December in 2019, Azelio’s solution is installed on one of the world’s largest solar power stations, the Noor Power Station in Morocco.

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Azelio Investor presentation 2020

Investor presentation by Azelio's CEO Jonas Eklind on November 19, 2020

Video length: 32:14