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No Employee, Customer, Visitor, or Inhabitant in our society shall be injured or endure any risk of illness or injury due to the Azelio Businesses.

To Azelio, sustainable development has the meaning of protecting the environment by taking preventive actions towards contaminations and impurities, adhere to environmental constitutions and other mandatory environmental requirements but also to continuously raise our environmental goals to reach a higher level of achievement.

The Environmental work performed within Azelio is a significant part of Azelio’s quality work.

Environmental policy

  • Azelio AB shall act in alignment with the guidelines developed by GRI which are based upon UN Global Compact principles.
  • The level of performed environment protective initiatives shall at the least meet Swedish laws and agreements.
  • Applicable environmental requirements in combination with environmental aspects and goals are fundamental in our work.
  • Environmental requirements apply to all suppliers.
  • Factors with a risk of negative environmental impact or leading to illness/injury will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Azelio’s ambition is to reduce and map the company’s total environmental footprint.
  • Azelio adheres to the requirements within the EU-regulation REACH (registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemicals).

Environmental impact


In 2020, Azelio commissioned the independent research institute RISE to carry out a life cycle analysis to determine greenhouse gas emissions from the company's product TES.POD. The institute's report shows that the climate impact of Azelio's system is 23 g CO2 / kWh, which is significantly less (29 %) than that for lithium-ion batteries and dramatically less (96 %) than for diesel generators, which are both competing and complementing technologies. In the study, the solutions were assumed to supply electricity for 13 hours per day for 25 years and disregarded the environmental effects of generating the electricity required to charge the system. The study ignores the fact that Azelio's system also delivers a significant amount of heat that can be used as energy in a variety of applications, and thus contribute to further strengthening the product's climate profile.


Using recycled aluminum as storage media 

The collaboration with Stena Aluminum is a part of Azelio’s preparations for volume production of its energy storage systems. The start of production in volume design was initiated according to plan in the third quarter of 2021.

The climate impact of electricity supplied from Azelio's energy storage system has in a life cycle analysis been shown to correspond to 23 gCO2/kWh, which is significantly lower than lithium-ion batteries and dramatically lower than diesel generators in corresponding applications. Filling the energy storage units with molten aluminum directly at Stena’s smelter will reduce this climate impact even further.

Azelio stores energy from for example, sun and wind, in an aluminum alloy and makes it available around the clock in the form of electricity and heat. Aluminum is an advantageous material both environmentally and economically, as it can be recycled over and over and does not lose storage capacity over time. Using recycled aluminum, cuts out approximately 95% of the total amount of energy needed to produce aluminum from bauxite.


Human capital

At the end of 2020, the number of employees had increased to 153, of which 122 were men and 31  women. The average number of employees in 2020 was 135, of which 131 in Sweden and the remaining 4 in China.

Systematically improving the work environment is a natural part of Azelio's operations to achieve efficiency and quality. The company works actively to minimize the risks of occupational injuries, accidents, and incidents and carries out activities that promote employee health, job satisfaction, and efficiency. As part of this, the company continuously work with processes that aims to improve employees' everyday job situations to be able to focus on the right tasks.

work environment

All personnel management are trained in Work Environment and Psychosocial Work Environment (AFS 2015: 4). The need for training in work environment is reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Legislation and social party agreements are minimum requirements. It is in Azelio's interest to maintain a higher level of standard. The company sees this as a profitable investment for the future where work motivation and low sickness leave are the direct benefits. Azelio has taken out health insurance for employees with access to quick support and specialist care.

The company is affiliated with the industry organization Teknikföretagen and has a collective agreement with the labour unions Unionen, Ledarna, Sveriges Ingenjörer and IF Metall.


Azelio should be an attractive and developing workplace for both women and men and works to ensure that all work teams consist of both women and men. The 2020 wage survey regarding comparisons of jobs that are to be regarded as equal or equivalent did not show any unreasonable wage differences between women and men. As an employer, the company must conduct goal-oriented work to promote gender equality and diversity. This means preventing and counteracting discrimination, exploiting everyone's skills, and respecting differences regardless of gender, age, ethnic or cultural background, religion or other belief, disability, transgender identity, or sexual orientation. All suppliers are evaluated according to the Azelio Ethics standard.

Intent to report according to UN standards, GRI

The company intends to follow the UN guidelines on sustainable business and measure according to the UN standard, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


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