Clean energy independence

Long-duration energy storage enables businesses and communities to gain self-reliance, by accessing stable and affordable clean power whenever it’s needed.

Take control of your energy supply

Clean energy independence means leaving behind an unreliable grid and expensive diesel back-up supply, reducing the risk of interruptions and power outages, and eliminating unmanageable price spikes.

TES.POD technology can be scaled for projects of 0.1 to 100 MW – with an initial focus of up to 20 MW – to supply clean heat and electricity around the clock.

Focus on: Poultry Farming in North America

Read a case study about agriculture in North America.

Agriculture is, in many ways, an electricity intensive process. From lighting, heating and cooling, to ventilation, irrigation, grain drying and efficient feed lines. The sector has a great dependence on reliable, controllable, and affordable clean power – at all hours of the day.

The following case is based upon a real poultry farm in California, USA, with a 2,102 MWh annual energy baseload demand and local conditions, GHI: 1,889 kWh/M2/year. An Azelio TES.POD cluster of 20 units, in combination with solar PV, is recommended.

How it works

A poultry and egg production farm in California has elevated energy costs, comprised of power purchased from an unreliable grid, and propane. Azelio’s TES.POD provides clean energy independence by charging from solar PV and delivering power around the clock – reducing costly tariffs, eliminating power outages and significantly decreasing CO2 emissions.

Azelio TES.POD vs. Unreliable Grid

Replacing an unstable grid with Azelio’s long-duration renewable energy storage is cost competitive, reliable and sustainable.

Here are the benefits for the poultry and egg production farm in California.

TES.POD delivers clean energy independence

TES.POD operates off-grid, providing a reliable and continuous energy supply at all hours of the day. The solution has a low environmental impact, with zero CO2 emissions, and is 99% recyclable. Effectively lowering energy costs, TES.POD provides thermal energy that can also be used for pre-heating processes, leading to significant natural gas savings.

Welcome to energy self-reliance, through cutting edge long-duration storage.

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Focus On: Mixed farming in South Africa

The acute need for clean energy independence is not limited to North America – it’s a global issue. Wee Bee Ltd. is a mixed farming company in Coligny, Northwest Province, South Africa.

The company requires reliable and cost-effective power for poultry and seed processing. In 2021 Azelio signed a commercial order and will deliver 338 711 kWh/year, over 15 years, from solar PV and TES.POD energy storage units.

Through our comprehensive Service Portfolio – which focuses on installation, maintenance, performance monitoring and optimising solutions – Azelio will support Wee Bee Ltd. from the start of the project to the end of the installation lifetime.

Do you have a similar project? Use our online Value Calculator to discover the benefits of TES.POD.

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Take a look at how much you’ll gain by making the move to TES.POD. Our value calculator determines your cost savings and reduced emissions based on daily energy use.

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