Azelio Capital Markets Day 2022

Azelio held a digital Capital Markets Day on Thursday 22nd September, 2022

About the event

Azelio presented its TES.POD energy storage solution together with a view of the market, applications, strategies and future plans. Presentations were given by, among others, CEO Jonas Wallmander, with the event held digitally and live-streamed.

You can find the full broadcast and highlights below.

Watch the full broadcast

Capital Markets Day 2022 Summary

Watch extended highlights of the event.

Global Outlook & Energy Challenges

CEO, Jonas Wallmander, introduces Azelio and summarizes the global outlook and energy challenges driving the need for long-duration energy storage.

A view from the LDES Council

Julia Souder, Executive Director of the Long Duration Energy Storage Council, gives an overview of the huge market potential for energy storage during Azelio’s Capital Markets Day.

Azelio within the LDES Landscape

Watch CEO, Jonas Wallmander, explain where Azelio’s TES.POD long-duration technology is situated within the wider energy storage market.

Technology Overview

Watch CTO, Torbjörn Lindquist, give a detailed overview of Azelio’s cutting edge long-duration energy storage TES.POD technology.

Fulfilling our Customer Needs

Watch Sales and Strategy Manager, Tine Cato, explain how Azelio’s long-duration energy storage solution fulfils a wide range of customer needs, and plays a crucial role in supplying reliable clean power to industries and end users.

Commercial Drivers & Path to Market

Watch VP Business Development, Ralf Wiesenberg, detail the strong economic incentives and drivers creating demand for Azelio’s technology, and provide an overview of the company’s path to commercial markets.

Financial Update

Watch Eva Ramström, Acting CFO, share a financial update on Azelio.

Ready to change the game

Watch CEO, Jonas Wallmander, update on recent company developments, and outline Azelio’s strategy for achieving its goals.

Key takeaways

Jonas Wallmander, company CEO, outlines the key takeaways from Azelio’s Capital Markets Day.

Capital Markets Day: Q&A

Watch Azelio answer a range of questions submitted online and from the studio audience during the event.

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