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Parent company income statement

Amounts in kSEKNote20202019
Own work capitalised126,730130,891
Other operating income337,817680
Operating expenses  
Raw materials and consumables-3,219-7,794
Other external expenses35-170,373-149,552
Employee benefit expenses36-138,351-103,142
Depreciation/amortisation and impairment of  
property, plant and equipment and intangible non-current assets-11,941-28,876
Other operating expenses34-397-318
Operating profit/loss-188,660-156,441
Income from financial items  
Income from participations in Group companies38-9,844-5,620
Other interest income and similar profit/loss items750442
Interest expense and similar profit/loss items-728-314
Profit/loss after financial items-198,483-161,932
Profit/loss before tax-198,483-161,932
Tax on profit/loss for the year3700
Profit/loss for the year-198,483-161,932

The parent company has no items that are recognised as other comprehensive income. Total comprehensive income is therefore the same as profit/loss for the year.

The Notes on pages 64 to 74 constitute an integrated part of these parent company’s financial statements.