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Note 36 – Employee benefits, etc.

Salaries and other benefits95,92864,451
Social security contributions28,00423,644
Pension costs – defined-contribution plans9,9288,797
Total employee benefits133,86096,892

Salaries, other remuneration and social security expenses

 Salaries and remunerationSocial security expensesSalaries and remunerationSocial security expenses
Board members, CEO and other senior executives23,8315,84012,3544,315
(of which, bonuses)0 0 
(of which, pension costs) 1,931 1,841
Other employees72,09732,09252,09728,127
(of which, bonuses)0 0 
(of which, pension costs) 7,997 6,956
Parent Company total95,92837,93264,45132,442

Average number of employees

  Of whom men Of whom men
Parent Company total13181%10180%

Gender distribution in the Parent Company for Board members and other senior executives

  Percentage of women Percentage of women
Board members813%813%
CEO and other senior    
Parent Company total813%96%

Remuneration of senior executives

Remuneration of senior executives amounts to:

Salaries and other short-term remuneration11,23212,354
Pension costs1,9311,841
Total remuneration of senior executives13,16214,195

See Group note 8 for information on remuneration to employees, etc.