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Note 20 – Share capital and other contributed capital

 Number of sharesShare capitalOngoing new share issueOther paid-in capital
At 1 January 201942,347,49521,17401,291,971
New share issue0002,728
Ongoing new share issue0024,703282,397
At 31 December 201942,347,49521,17424,7031,577,096
New share issue61,754,90530,8770244,123
Ongoing new share issue00-24,7030
At 31 December 2020104,102,40052,05101,821,219

Share capital on 31 December 2020 comprised 104,102,400 ordinary shares with a quotient value of SEK 0.50.

All shares issued by the Parent Company are paid-up in full.

Other paid-in capital consist of a Share premium reserve. The share premium reserve consists of issue expenses which for the financial year of total tSEK 20,746 and premium amount for new issues.

Reserves in their entirety consist of a translation reserve. The translation reserve comprises exchange rate differences that arise as a result of the income statement and balance sheet for all Group companies being translated into the Group's report currency.