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Consolidated statement of income and other comprehensive income

Amounts in kSEKNote20202019
Own work capitalised126,730130,891
Other operating income97,817680
Raw materials and consumables-3,219-7,794
Other external expenses7-162,372-143,590
Employee benefit expenses8-140,869-106,450
Depreciation/amortisation and impairment of   
property, plant and equipment and intangible non-current assets-20,702-35,599
Other operating expenses10-397-318
Operating profit/loss-191,939-160,510
Financial income750434
Finance costs-1,382-821
Net financial items-633-386
Profit/loss before tax-192,572-160,897
Income tax1200
Profit/loss for the year-192,572-160,897
Other comprehensive income:  
Items that may be transferred to profit or loss for the year  
Exchange-rate differences on foreign operations-505-304
Other comprehensive income for the year-505-304
Total comprehensive income for the year-193,077-161,201
Net profit for the year and total comprehensive income are entirely attributable to the parent company shareholders  
Earnings per share, calculated on net profit for the year attributable to the parent company’s ordinary shareholders   
Amounts in SEKNote20202019
Basic earnings per share26-2.03-3.80
Diluted earnings per share2600