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The company’s partners

Azelio works in cooperation with international partners who share its ambition to improve the world’s energy supply through more effective, sustainable and reliable solutions. The company’s partners consist of organisations and companies that work together within research and development, production, installation, industrialisation, verification and business development. With various starting positions and focus areas within renewable energy, reciprocal trust is created by working together on development and validation. Azelio aims to add value for the company’s partners in various local projects and for the partners to utilise each other’s expertise to create influence in different markets.


Masen (the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) has been a strategic partner since 2016, and since 2018 Masen has also had a representative on Azelio’s Board of Directors. Masen, which is a state-controlled agency, is in charge of Morocco’s overall strategy for a sustainable energy mix. Masen contributes valuable knowledge about the solar energy market and has a key role in Azelio’s research and development for thermal energy storage, industrialisation, verification and business development.

Masen provides access to a large network of established companies and stakeholders in renewable energy, and to suppliers for local sourcing and production. Masen’s research and development platform for concentrated solar power is located in Ouarzazate, Morocco, home to Ouarzazate Solar Power Station – one of the world’s largest solar power plants with a capacity of 580 MW.

Since 2016 Azelio and Masen have had a 13 kW pilot plant in Ouarzazate, and at the end of 2019 a verification project involving two units of Azelio’s system was also installed in Ouarzazate.


In September 2019 Azelio entered into a research partnership agreement with Masdar and Khalifa University to run a pilot project for evaluation and demonstration of Azelio’s energy storage. It is projects involving photovoltaics, concentrated solar energy and wind power, or for projects that deliver solutions for off-grid and self-suffient systems. The purpose is to assess whether Azelio’s technology can be included in Masdar's existing and future renewable energy projects. Masdar is one of the world’s foremost companies in the development, installation and operation of renewable energy systems.

Masdar’s experience in thermal energy storage along with the opportunities to demonstrate and validate systems in a tough desert environment were considered crucial in the choice of research partner.

In 2018 the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute) became Azelio’s research partner for the development of thermal energy storage. Masdar Institute was founded in 2007 in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as an independent non-profit research university focusing on advanced energy and sustainable technology. Masdar Institute is now part of Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

With various starting positions and focus areas within renewable energy, reciprocal trust is created by working together on development and validation.

Glava Energy Center

Glava Energy Center has been a Swedish partner of Azelio since 2019. It is a development centre at a regional, national and international level for companies and organisations that have operations in renewable energy or energy efficiency.

The partnership with Glava Energy Center relates to verification of Azelio’s technology in Sweden. It will enable tests to be carried out close to the company’s development processes and in systems with renewable technologies and grid configurations. The varied test environments will speed up the verification process for a broad area of applications and an expanded market.

AQ Enclosure Systems

In 2019 Azelio signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AQ Enclosure Systems to work together to secure long-term production of Azelio’s energy storage system. The goal is for AQ Enclosure System to be a full-scale production partner that offers purchasing, assembly and logistics services for Azelio’s finished systems. The first units manufactured under the agreement were delivered to Azelio’s verification project in Morocco at the end of 2019.

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