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Parent company cash flow statement

Amounts in kSEK 20192018
Cash flow from operating activities  
Profit/loss after financial items-161,932-96,093
Adjustment for non-cash items5539,44427,159
Income tax paid0-227
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital-122,488-69,160
Cash flow from changes in working capital  
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in inventories-5873,532
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in operating receivables-16,879-396
Increase (+)/decrease (-) in operating liabilities7,97334,199
Total changes in operating loss-9,49337,334
Cash flow from operating activities-131,980-31,826
Cash flow from investing activities  
Acquisition of property, plant and equipment-15,818-1,092
Acquisition of intangible non-current assets-123,436-66,392
Acquisition of financial assets-5,620-1,401
Cash flow from investing activities-144,874-68,885
Cash flow from financing activities  
New share issue208416,067
Warrants programme29600
Repayment of borrowings-95-140
Cash flow from financing activities54143416,527
Increase/decrease in cash and cash equivalents-276,711315,816
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year330,06114,245
Cash and cash equivalents at end of year4353,349330,061