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Note 44 – Trade receivables

 31 Dec 201931 Dec 20181 Jan 2018
Trade receivables 509481,486
Less: loss allowance0-879-278
Trade receivables – net50691,208

The carrying amounts of the Parent Company’s trade and other receivables are denominated in the following currencies:

 31 Dec 201931 Dec 20181 Jan 2018
Swedish kronor (SEK)50-12-17

Changes in the reserve for expected loan losses for the 2019 financial year were as follows:

KSEK 0 was reserved as doubtful receivables in 2019.

The maximum exposure to credit risk of the trade receivables and other current receivables on the balance sheet date is the carrying amount stated above.

The fair value of trade receivables corresponds to the carrying amount since the discount effect is not material.

No trade receivables were pledged as collateral for any liability.