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Note 41 – Property, plant and equipment

 Leasehold improvementsEquipment, tools, fixtures and fittingsTotal
At 1 January 2018   
Accumulated depreciation and amortisation-633-16,857-17,490
Carrying amount1,2189,65310,871
For the 2018 financial year   
Opening carrying amount1,2189,65310,871
Divestments and disposals0-6,085-6,085
Depreciation and amortisation-231-3,884-4,115
Reversed depreciation and amortisation from divestments and disposals06,0206,020
Closing carrying amount9876,7967,783
At 31 December 2018   
Accumulated depreciation, amortisation and impairment-864-14,721-15,585
Carrying amount9876,7967,783
For the 2019 financial year   
Opening carrying amount9876,7967,783
Divestments and disposals000
Depreciation and amortisation-326-3,804-4,129
Closing carrying amount3,30316,16919,472
At 31 December 2019   
Accumulated depreciation, amortisation and impairment-1,190-18,524-19,714
Carrying amount3,30316,16919,472

Depreciation costs of kSEK 4,129 (kSEK –1,905) are included in depreciation/amortisation and impairment of property, plant and equipment and intangible non-current assets in the Parent Company’s income statement.