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Note 40 – Intangible assets

 Capitalised development costsInvestments in progress, intangible assetsTotal
At 1 January 2018   
Accumulated depreciation and amortisation-46,2800-46,280
Carrying amount237,6000237,600
For the 2018 financial year   
Opening carrying amount237,6000237,600
Assets developed internally65,039065,039
Accrued costs01,3531,353
Depreciation and amortisation-11,4150-11,415
Closing carrying amount291,2241,353292,577
At 31 December 2018   
Accumulated depreciation and amortisation-57,6950-57,695
Carrying amount291,2241,353292,577
For the 2019 financial year   
Opening carrying amount291,2241,353292,577
Assets developed internally132,2440132,244
Depreciation and amortisation-11,4150-11,415
Closing carrying amount398,7210398,721
At 31 December 2019   
Accumulated depreciation, amortisation and impairment-70,1090-70,109
Carrying amount398,7210398,721

Amortisation costs of kSEK 11,415 (kSEK 11,415) are included in depreciation and impairment of tangible and intangible fixed assets in the Parent Company’s income statement.