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Note 26 – Share-based remuneration

The following is a summary of options programmes existing in the Group as at 31 December 2019.

DesignationSubscription periodNumber of warrantsPriceNumber of shares awards
TO27191126-210930400,00040400,000 (under registration)
  40,026,667 4,596,667

Warrants in ASG1 and ASG2 have been issued free of charge as part of a supplier agreement with Albright Stonebridge Group.

Warrants in TO21 and TO26 has been issued to the Board of Directors on market terms, following a decision by the Annual General Meeting.

Warrants TO25 has been issued to the company's partner Masen as part of a partner agreement.

Warrants TO22, TO23 and TO27 have been issued to the company's employees on market terms.

An option program expired in 2019 and no shares were issued because of these options.

Shares in TO25 will be paid via set-off against debt for accrued services performed by Masen and other shares will be paid in cash.