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Note 12 – Income tax

Reconciliation of effective tax

Current tax20192018
Current tax on net profit for the year00
Adjustments for current tax of prior periods00
Total current tax00
Deferred tax  
Occurrence and reversal of temporary differences00
Effect of changed tax rates00
Total deferred tax00
Total income tax00

The income tax on consolidated earnings before tax differs from the theoretical amount that would have resulted using the Swedish rate of tax for the profits of the consolidated entities as follows:

  2019 2018
Profit/loss before tax -160,897 -92,004
Tax according to Parent Company's current tax rate21.4%34,43222%20,241
Tax effects of:    
Tax-deductible items recognised against shareholders’ equity5.4%8,763 6.6%6,101
Other non-deductible expenses-2.2% -3,501-3.4%-3,143
Non-taxable income0.0%00.0%0
Reversal of previously non-deductible expenses0.7%1,0760.7%605
Increase in loss carry-forwards without corresponding capitalisation of deferred tax-25.3%-40,770-25.9%-23,251
Income tax0.0%00.0%0