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Consolidated statement of financial position

Amounts in kSEKNote31 Dec 201931 Dec 20181 Jan 2018
Non-current assets   
Subscribed but not paid-up capital350,77800
Intangible non-current assets   
Capitalised expenditure for development and similar13398,721291,224237,600
Investments in progress, intangible non-current assets01,3530
Total intangible assets398,721292,577237,600
Property, plant and equipment14   
Leasehold improvements3,3039871,218
Equipment, tools, fixtures and fittings16,1696,7989,670
Total property, plant and equipment19,4727,78510,888
Right-of-use assets2521,70713,01916,698
Total non-current assets439,901313,380265,186
Current assets   
Raw materials and consumables4,3518,80911,091
Finished goods and goods for resale7136183,529
Total inventories5,0659,42714,620
Current receivables   
Trade receivables1650691,208
Current tax assets1,273919715
Other receivables179,1525152,667
Prepaid expenses and accrued income183,7282,743735
Total current receivables14,2024,2465,325
Cash and bank balances1955,634331,19618,020
Total current assets74,901344,86937,964
TOTAL ASSETS865,580658,249303,150
Amounts in kSEKNote31 Dec 201931 Dec 20181 Jan 2018
Equity attributable to parent company shareholders    
Share capital2045,87621,1749,753
Other paid-in capital1,577,0961,291,971890,605
Retained earnings incl. profit/loss for the year-912,204-751,337-663,212
Total equity attributable to parent company shareholders710,374561,717237,146
Non-current liabilities   
Other liabilities2222,75522,85022,990
Lease liabilities2514,1079,69012,618
Total non-current liabilities36,86232,54135,608
Current liabilities   
Advances from customers2300218
Trade payables37,01834,3325,309
Lease liabilities257,3023,0743,738
Other current liabilities2,0788,82810,190
Accrued expenses and deferred income2471,94617,75710,871
Total current liabilities118,34463,99130,396
Total liabilities155,20696,53266,004
TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES 865,580658,249303,150

The Notes on pages 40 to 69 constitute an integrated part of these consolidated accounts