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Consolidated statement of changes in equity

Amounts in kSEKAttributable to parent company shareholders
 NoteShare capitalOngoing new share issueOther paid-in capitalReservesRetained earnings incl. profit/loss for the yearTotal equity
Opening balance, 1 January 2018319,7530890,6050-663,212237,146
Profit/loss for the year    -92,004-92,004
Other comprehensive income for the year   -91 -91
Total comprehensive income for the year9,753 890,605-91-755,217145,050
Transactions with shareholders in their role as owners      
New share issue11,420 401,366 3,280416,067
Warrants sold    600600
Closing balance, 31 December 201821,174 1,291,971-91-751,337561,717
Opening balance, 1 January 201921,174 1,291,971-91-751,337561,717
Profit/loss for the year    -160,897-160,897
Other comprehensive income for the year   -304 -304
Total comprehensive income for the year21,174 1,291,971-395-912,233400,516
Transactions with shareholders in
their role as owners
Ongoing new share issue 24,703282,397  307,100
New share issue  2,728  2,728
Warrants sold    2929
Closing balance, 31 December 201921,17424,7031,577,096-395-912,204710,374

The Notes on pages 40 to 69 constitute an integrated part of these consolidated accounts

Reserves consist entirely of a translation reserve. The translation reserve comprises exchange-rate differences arising from the translation of the income statements and balance sheets for all Group companies to the Group’s reporting currency.