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Consolidated statement of cash flows

Amounts in kSEKNote20192018
Cash flow from operating activities   
Profit/loss after financial items-160,897-92,004
Adjustment for non-cash items3042,13522,549
Income tax paid 0-227
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital -118,762-69,683
Cash flow from changes in working capital   
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in inventories -5873,532
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in operating receivables -16,672-257
Increase (+)/decrease (-) in operating liabilities 6,16834,154
Total changes in working capital -11,09137,429
Cash flow from operating activities -129,853-32,254
Cash flow from investing activities   
Investments in property, plant and equipment -15,820-1,108
Investments in intangible non-current assets -123,436-66,392
Divestment of financial assets 00
Cash flow from investing activities -139,256-67,500
Cash flow from financing activities   
New share issue 208416,067
Proceeds from warrants sold 29600
Borrowings 00
Repayment of lease debt -6,494-3,762
Repayment of borrowings -95-140
Cash flow from financing activities 29-6,352412,765
Increase/decrease in cash and cash equivalents -275,460313,011
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 331,19618,020
Exchange rate differences in cash and cash equivalents -101165
Cash and cash equivalents at end of year1955,634331,196

The Notes on pages 40 to 69 constitute an integrated part of these consolidated accounts