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How it works

Distributed electricity where and when it is needed. With this focus,  Azelio has developed a unique solution for thermal energy storage with highly efficient electricity production on demand using a Stirling engine. It is a scalable solution for sustainable electricity around the clock at a low cost.

The system can be installed in sizes from 0.1 MW to 100 MW, with storage capacity for 13 hours of electricity production at nominal output – a system that can therefore supply, say, a hospital, factory or small community with renewable energy around the clock. The system is modular in design so that it can be adapted to individual customers and with components requiring minimal maintenance.

Groundbreaking energy storage

Azelio’s energy storage solution is based on an aluminium alloy. The storage medium maintains its capacity without needing to be replenished, and there is no power degradation over time. This unique solution has a storage capacity of 13 hours of electricity production at nominal output, resulting in a system that can produce sustainable, dispatchable and distributed electricity cost-effectively around the clock.

Stirling engine converts heat to electricity

Stirling engines utilise a heat differential to drive a generator and produce electricity. So all that is needed to drive the engine is heat, and the system is entirely emission-free. Azelio’s unique Stirling engine has been developed over 25 years and has accumulated more than two million operating hours. The high efficiency of the Stirling engine – 29 percent from heat to electricity – is an important factor in the system’s cost-effectiveness.

Competitive advantages

Cost-effective technology. Combining the efficiency of the Stirling engine with the system’s ability to store thermal energy – rather than storing electricity, which is more expensive – gives Azelio a competitive offering for installations of up to 100 MW with a storage capacity of 4 hours upwards, for delivery around the clock.

Scalable design. The scalable design enables small projects to be built and allows a standardised building process, quick installation, incremental expansion and multiple application areas.

Well-suited to distributed electricity production. The system is robust and competitive even for small installations, from 0.1 MW up to 100 MW. It is therefore well suited to areas with no access to a reliable grid where people are currently dependent on diesel generators.

High quality assembly plant for large-scale production of the Stirling engine. With established subcontractors as well as its own production plant built according to the latest manufacturing principles, the company can ensure high quality series production at a low cost throughout the manufacturing chain – creating competitive advantages and the opportunity to secure rapid growth in production.

Global network of established partners. Azelio has developed a global network of leading players within renewable energy, including Masen and Masdar. This network contributes valuable knowledge about the renewable energy market, research and development, industrialisation, verification and business development. Collaboration is largely locally based, enabling Azelio to identify business opportunities and develop relationships with potential customers, suppliers and authorities.

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