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Azelio works in cooperation with international partners who share its ambition to improve the world’s electricity supply through more effective, sustainable and reliable solutions. The Company’s partners are institutions and companies with which it collaborates on research and development, production, installation, industrialisation, verification and business development. With various starting positions and focus areas in renewable energy, collaboration on development and validation creates mutual trust.


Masen (the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) has been a strategic partner since 2016 and since 2018 Masen has also had a representative on Azelio’s Board of Directors. Masen, which is a state-controlled agency, is in charge of Morocco’s overall strategy for a sustainable energy mix. Masen is contributing valuable knowledge about the solar power market and is playing a key role in Azelio’s research and development for thermal energy storage, industrialisation, verification and business development.
Masen provides Azelio with access to a large network of established companies and stakeholders in renewable energy, and to new suppliers for local sourcing and production.

Masen’s research and development platform for thermal solar power is located in Ouarzazate, Morocco, where one of the world’s largest solar power plants with a capacity of 580 MW is located. Since 2016 Azelio and Masen have had a joint 13 kW pilot plant in Ouarzazate. The next step is to build a verification project using three units of Azelio’s system in Ouarzazate during the fourth quarter of 2019. 


Masdar (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology) has been Azelio’s research partner for the development of thermal energy storage since 2018. Masdar was founded in 2007 in Abu Dhabi in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as an independent, not-for-profit research university focusing on advanced energy and sustainability technology. Masdar is now part of Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

A department of Masdar that is focusing on solar power, Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) is located in the MENA region’s epicentre for solar power and offers the possibility of demonstrating and validating systems in a challenging desert environment. This, combined with Masdar’s knowledge and experience in thermal storage and solar power, is an important factor in Azelio’s commercial development.

With different starting positions and orientations in renewable energy, mutual trust is created through cooperation in development and validation.


Datang Holdings New Energy Technologies Limited (Datang) has been the Company’s partner in China since 2017. This partnership involves manufacturing, installation and development. Datang is also an important partner for securing approvals and funding for Azelio in China. A clear goal of the partnership is to establish Azelio’s technology for renewable energy in China and to reach a competitive cost level through local production. Datang was founded in 2016 and is a Chinese project development company that is focusing increasingly on large plants for solar power and energy storage.


Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has been the Company’s partner in the United Arab Emirates since 2014. DEWA is one of the leading developers, project owners and operators of large-scale solar parks in the Middle East. DEWA plans to build a solar park with a capacity of 5 GW before 2030, 1 GW of which is already contracted for construction in 2020 consisting of 80% solar cells and 20% thermal solar power. Since 2015 Azelio and DEWA have had a joint 13 kW pilot facility in Ouarzazate. Azelio is in negotiations with DEWA aimed at building a demonstration plant using Azelio’s technology for thermal energy storage.

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