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Note 17 – Interests in Group companies

Accumulated cost  
At beginning of year17,189,78416,039,721
At year-end18,590,88617,189,784
Accumulated impairment  
At beginning of year-11,676,309-10,526,246
Impairment for the year-6,864,576-1,150,063
At year-end-18,540,885-11,676,309
Carrying amount at year-end50,0015,513,475

Specification of the parent company’s and the Group’s interests in Group companies

 31/12/2018  31/12/2017
Subsidiary / Corp. ID no. / Registered officeNumber of sharesShares, %iCarrying amountCarrying amount
Cleanergy (Beijing) New Energy Technology Co. Ltd110015,513,475
Cleanergy AB, 559153-7542, Gothenburg50010050,000 

i Refers to the share of capital, which also is consistent with the share of the votes for the total number of shares.