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Income statement – Group

Amounts in SEKNote20182017
Net sales31,941,6012,920,586
Own work capitalised 66,391,82672,980,110
Other operating income42,007,4502,701,203
Operating expenses   
Raw materials and consumables -7,757,626-9,293,443
Other external expenses5-65,820,546-81,383,497
Employee benefit expenses6-72,960,581-68,310,464
Depreciation/amortisation and impairment of property, plant and equipment and intangible assets -15,546,330-15,193,785
Other operating expenses -214,670-65,237
Operating profit/loss7-91,958,874-95,644,527
Income from financial items   
Income from securities and receivables held as non-current assets9-37,614
Other interest income and similar profit/loss items10402,765462,429
Interest expense and similar profit/loss items11-289,157-2,298,798
Profit/loss after financial items -91,845,266-97,443,281
Tax on profit for the year12--
Profit/loss for the year -91,845,266-97,443,281
Attributable to owners of the parent -91,845,266-97,443,281