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Equity – parent company

31/12/2018Restricted equityUnrestricted equity 
 Share capitalDevelopment expenditure fundShare premium reserveRetained earnings incl. profit/loss for the yearTotal equity
Opening balance9,753,337157,251,736890,604,593-810,910,083246,699,584
Profit/loss for the year   -96,092,507-96,092,507
Transactions with owners     
New share issue11,420,411 401,366,2033,279,939416,066,553
Warrants sold --600,200600,200
Transfer between items in equity     
Transfer 65,038,818 -65,038,8180
At year-end21,173,748222,290,5541,291,970,796-968,161,269567,273,830

Proposal for appropriation of the Company’s profit or loss

The Board of Directors proposes that the unrestricted equity of SEK 323,809,528 is appropriated as follows:

Carried forward 323,809,528
Total 323,809,528

For more information about the Group’s and the parent company’s results and financial position refer to the following income statement and balance sheet and the associated notes.