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Cash flow statement – parent company

Amounts in SEKNote20182017
Operating activities   
Profit/loss after financial items28-96,092,507-94,230,036
Adjustment for non-cash items3027,158,89816,530,845
Income tax paid -226,855-217,066
Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital -69,160,464-77,916,257
Cash flow from changes in working capital   
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in inventories 3,531,803-622,000
Increase (-)/decrease (+) in operating receivables -396,4201,909,659
Increase (+)/decrease (-) in operating liabilities 34,198,980-9,462,583
Cash flow from operating activities -31,826,101-86,091,181
Investing activities   
Purchase of property, plant and equipment -1,091,892-6,276,551
Purchase of intangible assets -66,391,826-72,980,114
Purchase of financial assets -1,401,103-1,150,063
Cash flow from investing activities -68,884,821-80,406,728
Financing activities   
New share issue 416,066,553205,731,454
Warrant programme 600,200
Repayment of debt -139,755-45,170,196
Cash flow from financing activities 416,526,998160,561,258
Cash flow for the year 315,816,075-5,936,651
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 14,244,85520,181,506
Cash and cash equivalents at year-end29330,060,93114,244,855